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The conspiracy against Black Point

Conspiracy against Black Point

The objective of the present text is to make public the facts that link the responsible persons of the defamations that the Black Point team is suffering since its participation in ETQW, as well as to show the existing precariousness regarding the administration of leagues as ClanBase, where occasionally works as refuge of the prevarication, accommodating those who, from their own vanity and jealousy, do not skimp in resources in order to despotically exercise as many injuries as possible due to their own avarice.

Initially called 4Frags, due to its main sponsor and afterwards known as Black Point, this team worked hard to make a name for itself overcoming many obstacles and barriers in the history of ETQW, achieving important victories vs the most important teams and finally beating the mamut.si team and winning the ESL competition.

Even thought the team has an impeccable track record, some people, frustrated by our victories and their own defeats, pushed by the most deplorable sentiments, convinced by their own vanity, didn’t doubt at all to insult us by accusing our team by posting in official forums to manipulate the public opinion. Even one of one4one’s admins has been induced to remove our team from that multisquad, accussing us one more time of cheating without any evidence to back up their accusations.

Here you have a brief track record that support what’s been said above.

-This conspiracy starts up after the ClanBase OpenCup 4v4 INF Premier League Playoffs match vs mamut.si, where it finished with a very tight 4-2 for mamut.si
http://www.gamestv.org/event/8117-mamut-si-vs-4frags-gaming/. Many people could not understand how 4Frags was able to perform like that and started assuming and assuring that our team was using 3rd party programs. You all can see multiple comments about this coming from many known players like aA and Reload. In the same competition 4Frags showed already their talent when playing vs Designate (http://www.gamestv.org/event/7091-designate-vs-4frags-gaming/) winning the match 4-0.

-Some time after the team decided to make some internal changes and changed the team’s name to Black Point.

-As Black Point, the team officially joined to 4 competitions: ClanBase, ESL and the 2 first editions of QuickCup. The last 3 ones were won.

-Regarding the QuickCup competitions, Seanza was the owner as well as the admin of them, both were won by Black Point. In the first one there wasn’t any award but the 2nd there was a server for 3 months that Seanza decided by himself to do not give such award to Black Point. Here are the links with the final result as well as the video of the match called 3LACK. Vs oO.http://www.gamestv.org/event/10191-a-toon-vs-black-point/, http://www.enemyterritory.tv/media.php

-Then we played the ESL, http://www.esl.eu/eu/etqw/4on4/welcome_2009_cup_playoffs/match/12274674/
where after beating Designate by 4-0, they didn’t accept the result convinced that it was absolutely impossible for Black Point to beat them without the usage of illegal programs. All the demos as well as the result are available in the link above.

- The league’s admin, Luc1feR, appealed to KiL3rBoY from ClanBase to investigate the whole Black Point in order to look for evidences. This investigation took 1 month more or less. In the meantime BlackPoint played without any motivation the first match in ClanBase where due to absence of many players, Black Point didn’t play with its main alignment, however r3volta (the opponent) did a great performance and won the match. They also recognized to one of our players that they were really lucky as well, factors that basically made Black Point to lose the match. Afterwards and immediately, aA from Designate said this “a team that wins with designate loses with revolta few days latter, I really have no idea how you’ve done that spantards”. Here you can see more insults to the team. It’s important to say that something like this (winning vs Designate and losing vs R3volta) could happen to any team at any time, there is nothing strange on that. Basically Designate was desperate and they just tried to said and argument whatever in order to damage our team, where at the same time showed their inferiority.

- Luc1feR in the meantime, came up with the argument that Alsef was busted in ET (that has nothing to do with ETQW or Black Point), based on the following information:

image: prueba1. However Alsef never played to ET and never was a member of any ET team, he just had the chance to play a bit and unfortunately downloaded a CFG from internet that contained a forbidden cvar (sc_bursttime – 0.4). The only thing you can see in that image is that there is a known hacker that used many nicks, including Alsef. For this reason our team mate Alsef was banned in PBBans. After this the whole team started to be investigated by the famous cheats buster Kil3rBoY from ClanBase and after 1 month Luc1feR stated that Kil3rBoY could not give him what he looked for, so he had to give the final win to Black Point.

After that, even though Black Point’s innocence was fully proved (after the investigation as well as all the demos that were watched, which are public for everyone.. etc) members from the administration like Seanza as well as Designate and some other players tried again and again to have the ETQW community against the Black Point team which was able to demonstrate that it won its matches by performing always an impeccable fair play.

After winning mamut.si in the ESL 4-0 http://www.gamestv.org/event/11554-mamut-si-vs-black-point/#comment405775, JaKaZc requested the Shinoby’s demos via irc. These demos where provided to in half an hour and suddenly mamut.si decided to leave the competition and don’t play the last match (double final) saying that the team members had uninstalled the game from their computers and without saying anything about cheating against Black Point. If anyone wants to watch those demos, mamut.si could still have them.

Few days after, hUMY made public an article with the subject “Cheating allowed in ETQW” http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33157, where it was proved that aA from Designate was using 3rd party programs (RivaTuner) going against the rules that we all agree when joining CB, ESL … etc. The majority of the ETQW community requested the admins to apply the proper ban to aA, however Seanza instead of recommending aA for being banned from CB and so on (it looks like he can’t ban anyone but make a recommendation to the proper people above him), he started trying to justify aA’s behaviour constantly. The fact is that aA wasn’t banned at all, however some Spank team members were busted using RivaTuner and they got banned from ClanBase almost immediately.

Let me invite you all to think about it. Alsef got banned from ETQW in CB and ESL because he used a forbidden cvar in ET by mistake and in the other hand we have aA that was absolutely proved that he used illegal external programs that provided him an unfair advantage vs his opponents in many official matches from ClanBase, ESL and so on. In many of these official matches, Seanza was administrator on those leagues where aA played.

It’s important to remark that aA together with some hak players like Jeebs (which is currently member of the one4one team) tried to divert the focus of this topic by accusing one more time to Black Point of cheating Aa: “i'm gonna say this, if i'm a cheater and the likes of crackean, feruto, shinoby and all those kind of 1 week mega skill boost heroes arent then this game and its community deserve a kick in the face so it can die in graveyard as its most suited place for it.” http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33157&page=18

This facts show how week the current management of the most important leagues is, where there are people that do not doubt at all to use their position and consequently their power to accuse innocent teams and manipulate the public opinion in order to satisfy their own objectives and goals.

Black Point has had to deal with admins like Seanza, teams like Designate, hak and some others that manipulated the public opinion and used it as their own shield. However it was for us unbelievable to see how the hak team and company contacted one of the admins of one4one, in this case HDA, and cheated until HDA was finally convinced that Black Point was a team of cheaters. Black Point was automatically removed from the multisquad without receiving any explanation at all. HDA stated that he had evidences of Black Point cheating. Obviously this is completely false since no evidence has been yet provided by anyone against Black Point across its track record in ETQW. It’s important to say as well that Alex, another admin of one4one, got disappointed and apologized about what happened with one4one and hak. He said as well that removing hak and putting Black Point back into the team could damage the one4one’s reputation.

We hope this text is useful for those who could have suffered similar situations, so that now they can judge by themselves.

I would like one more time to point out how week the management of the current leagues is and how easy could result to become into a victim, specially when the admins of the these ones are chosen just by finger point.

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