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MaRTe's QW fragmovie is out now!

One of the most known spanish players (besides me) has released his first videofrag!;8888969;/fileinfo.html

The movie has been made by vieja, as you can see is not really long and it needs some fixtures on quality, but for sure you won't get dissapointed about the frags! (mAus got owned!)

  1. Team Spain 3 May 2007
  2. Bloody Sunday 20 Nov 2005

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I came back to home yesterday and I'll write an article explaining all the experiencies I've had along CDC3!

Before cdc3 we needed to pickup two players because we needed a replacement for Croatia aCoZz and Poland d0ktor. We picked up Italy XyLoS and Finland Matias like 3 weeks before LAN, we needed to train hard to be as strong as CPC2.