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xfire: longbowbl

Team History:

Delta Force 1:
»» Beyond Limits
»» Me2
Tactical Ops:
»» Beyond Limits
Battlefield Vietnam:
»» Beyond Limits
»» NoB
»» .FoH//
Battlefield 2:
»» .FoH//
»» Blessed
»» MoRs
»» Demoliti0n
»» Clubsix
»»14 Contests of the Soul (14Cos)
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars:
»»Beyond (joined Hard Method Gaming)
»»Infused Gaming
»»The Netherlands (nationscup)
Call of Duty 4:
»»Camelia Willowbottom
»»Exodus Multigaming
»»Theatre »» joined Immortal MGC »» joined ESC-Novamania MGC »» joined Motivated MGC
»»Team Reverence
Call of Duty 5:

Current team:

»» none Inactive!

image: cup_gold Attended CDC4 playing both ET:QW and CoD4 :D


image: cup_silver Regroup LAN Fall 2005 (BF2, .FoH//)
image: cup_bronzeNetgamez LAN Spring 2006 (BF2,.FoH//)
image: cup_bronzeRegroup LAN Spring 2006 (BF2, Blessed)
image: cup_gold Impact LAN Fall 2006 (BF2, MoRs)
image: cup_silverNetgamez fall 2006 BF2 infantry
image: cup_bronzeBF2 CB 5on5 inf ladder 14 Contests of the Soul
image: cup_bronzeThe Reality LAN Spring 2007 (BF2, 14 Contests of the Soul)
image: cup_bronzeThe Reality LAN Spring 2007 (BF2142, 14 Contests of the Soul)
5th-8th @ clanbase ETQW Eurocup (Beyond)
4th @ clanbase infcup (ETQW, Beyond Gaming)
6th @ ESL cup (ETQW, infused Gaming)
image: cup_goldTweakers.net ET:QW National Prerelease Party competition
image: cup_goldCB EU 6on6 ET:QW ladder (Infused Gaming)
image: cup_silver Northcon LAN 2007 CoD2 3on3 (Exodus Multigaming)
image: cup_silver Immortal CoD4 Quickcup #2 (Immortal)
image: cup_silver ESL Benelux cup(Immortal)
image: cup_silver Nationscup XI (ET:QW, The Netherlands)
image: cup_bronze The Party 6 LAN (CoD4, ESC-Novamania)
image: cup_gold Dystopia Cup(CoD4, Motivated)
image: cup_silver Networkingday 28 LAN (CoD4, Motivated)
image: cup_gold Nightcups.hu (CoD4, Team Reverence)
16th @ Multiplay i34 LAN (CoD4, Team Reverence)
image: cup_gold Clanbase Eurocup (CoD5, Team Epsilon)
image: cup_silver The Reality 2009 LAN (CoD4, mixteam)

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CPUamd Athlon 3400+
Storage2x 250GB
GraphicsAsus V9999 Gamer's Edition
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 710N
KeyboardLogitech Blabla
MouseLogitech Blabla
HeadsetCreative HS-300