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Quake3 Challenge Promode Arena (CPMA)

Ok well since the last EuroCup in ET there has been a surge of ETplayers trying out this mod, so I figured I'd get my good friend MaJunior whos been playing CPM since its infant days to right an article on this amazing mod, so ALL credit goes out to him for this!

CPMA can help players from all games with all aspects of thier gameplay, even if it is your second game (as in you still play ET and this in your spare time), you might only play a duel every other day or so, but it will help your reflexes (a alternative to those boring reflex games), predictions, control, gameplay etc ALOT.

Community channels;

#cpma-et come idle here to play vs other people who are in the same boat as you, ops are there to help so pm them about ANY questions you have at all about cpma, also a tourny for ET players will be upcoming soon, so idle and stay tuned!

#promode of course the official channel of CPM

#cpmpickup the pickup channel, EXTREMELY active, will be able to find CTF/TDM pickups at most times of the day.

How can I play this MOD?;

First of all you need q3, once you have that just simply go to and download it from the right hand side, if you are still deciding or having problems contact an op at #cpma-et.

Without further ado, CPMa and why YOU should play it!;

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