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*upd* Summer Cup premier league grand final

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** Update **
Benelux 8Bits/FiF*Green* 4-0 Finland turboApinat

Tonight's game between Finland turboApinat (tA) and Benelux 8Bits/FiF*Green* is the continuation of a rivalry. The Finns will be looking to make up for their [url=http://www.gamestv.

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Focus on: RELOAd

[img|left][/img]This morning I caught up with the newest addition to the line-up: the Estonian gunslinger RELOAd. He was willing to take part in this interview albeit he hadn't slept for 28 hours. Since we both had time the interview was conducted and this is the result thereof:

Hi Reload, could you please introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Hendrik and I'm 15. I'm currently playing for

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