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National Team

Poland Team Poland

The Storks

Poland Aluu
Poland Breeze
Poland Cahr
Poland Darkman
Poland Guhard
Poland Lockheed
Poland Nexilis
Poland Niedziowiedz`
Poland Omegara
Poland Penny
Poland Resq
Poland Rollo Tomassi
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland Tdp
Poland Tsunami
Poland Zielaq


Poland Angel
Poland Ancik
Poland Ant
Poland BadIdea
Poland Bel
Poland Boox
Poland Farsight
Poland Max
Poland Niedziowiedz'
Poland Nightmen
Poland None
Poland Nrs
Poland Oferma
Poland Penny
Poland Rover
Poland Spanzik
Poland Tsunami
Poland Whatever

4FuN eSport

Poland Dabi
Poland Dmitri
Poland Domi
Poland Gatess
Poland Grassman
Poland Hades
Poland Hahaha
Poland Kid
Poland Koval
Poland Penny
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland Tespis
Poland Wizard
Poland Yanos
Poland Znajda

Actually Team in Enemy Territory[/b]

Poland -]ss[- Schutzstaffeln


#ss.pl @ QuakeNet [/b]
#4FuN @ QuakeNet [/b]
#Storks @ QuakeNet [/b]
#C4.clan @ QuakeNet [/b]


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1st[/b] - Poznan Game Arena 2005 6on6 (The STORKS) [LAN]
2nd[/b] - RTCW Open Cup Fall 2002 (C4)
Elimination[/b] - Poznan Game Arena 2006 6on6 (4FuN eSport) [LAN]
CPUIntel Pentium 4 (3000+)
MemoryKingstone 1024 DDR
StorageSegate Baracuda (180GB)
GraphicsATi Radeon x600 PRO ( Series Secondary )
SoundSoundblaster Live
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP Home Edition
MonitorOPTIViev L17v
KeyboardLogitech Y-SU61
MouseLogitech G5
MousepadEverglide Ricochet Prosurface 2.52
HeadsetIcemet Siberia White
ConnectionUPC Chello 2 mb/s