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im socks old acc lifetimeban xD

Clan History:

6on6 image: gameethd4:

Germany pwnd

Lineup :: Al, sOAp, Riise, Ehle, DerNinja, socks
Germany com

Lineup :: Bino, Illu, Riise, CaRe, GaRg, socks
Germany ArtofWolfenstein

Lineup :: Commander, Pork, sToWnaGe, Gerd, maede, socks
Europe quallity Frags

Lineup :: zabija, genka, Commander, sToWnaGe, schnubby, socks
Austria cdap - Team Black

Lineup :: Katakana, tuz0, sToWnaGe, hayAa, soprano, socks
Europe PoR - projektpor

Lineup :: scorch, krucio, hunta, kokain, sToWnaGe, crash, Likan, socks, jan, oGr_ krest
Europe CoF/online - Chill on Fire!

Lineup :: scorch, krest, jan, ton1, sToWnaGe, socks

3on3 image: gameethd4:

Anonymous FragStealers

Lineup :: sToWnaGe, sleipnir, Commander, socks and many more :p
Anonymous Team-Pokemon

Lineup :: maede, sToWnaGe, eMpty, socks
Turkey Dönerbude

Lineup :: sTownaGe, oGr, tESSAIGA, socks

Call of Duty 2image: game_cod2:

Europe progressive-esports

Lineup :: hummel, grobblin, jaN, souX, atrox, socks

My Team atm:

Germany ArtofWolfenstein image: gameethd4

Sweden sToWnaGe
Germany zabija
Italy penoxa
Germany blade
Germany kauby
Germany socks


FC-Cup 3on3 #1 - 2007
TvL-Cup - 3on3 ET-CUP 1-Day
GET-Liga - 3on3 Ladder 2007
Summernight Cup - by xT. team
GET-Liga - 6on6 Ladder 2007
Baserace Cup 2007 #3 - by GMC

relic-cup #5 - 3on3 (vs Team-Dignitas)
GET-Liga - 6on6 Ladder 2006/2007

relic-cup #9 - 3on3
GET-Liga - 3on3 2006/2007
sF-imkZ CUP 2007 - 3on3
Retrocup #2 - 6on6 RTCW Maps
CPUAMD Athlon x2 5600+
Memory4gb but only 32 bit version so only3gb
Storage500gb Samsung
Graphicsgeforce 8600GTS
Operating SystemWindows Vista
Monitor21 Zoll
MouseLogitech g5
MousepadSteelseries Qck