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2015 France KareN's ET Movie
2014 United Kingdom Artstar 2.0
2012 United Kingdom Artstar 1.0
2012 Poland upload 3on3 movie
2011 United Kingdom Artstar II
2010 United Kingdom Artstar I

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Germany cfx. boNg: man i dont get why my balls are smelling so bad i only showered like 2 months ago

(Chile `casek) yesterday i was gonna have sex with my girlfriend but she said no so i said fuck that and i went to the stripclub
(Chile `casek) So fuck yeah i win man!

(Chile `casek) My gf told yoyoyoyoy come i need you n shit
(Chile `casek) and i got busted
(Chile `casek) Her parents wanted to meet me

(Canada syn. shaun) stfu casek
(Chile syn. casek) Come on me bro

(Chile `casek) My gf wanted to do something and i didn't understand so i said yes
(Chile `casek) I don't know the fuck is goin to happen
----30mins later----
(Chile `casek) She wanted to go out and take a dinner
(Chile `casek) and i just sended pizza to her house
(Chile `casek) im to lazzy atm

(Chile `casek) im gonn drink now some black vodka
(Chile `casek) What should I mix it with bro?
(United Kingdom Artstar) alcohol %?
(Chile `casek) 20 degrees

(Chile `casek) Same bro I break up with my gf to speak with you on the internet

(Chile `casek) The fact of a write a hart is aint gay

(in the middle of 3on3)
(Chile casek) oh man i got a bad diarrhea i cant move
*casek coughs really hard*
(Chile casek) oh fuck i shit myself

(Netherlands Dezire) in NL everyone has a computer, it's like aids in africa

- Poland Estaloth on Autism
(Poland Estaloth) its reason why little children play with toys and for example don't talk make any sound for hours
(Poland Estaloth) because its like watching lotr for some of them

(United States of America ipod__) yo
(United States of America ipod__) i think
(United States of America ipod__) if i sucked dick
(United States of America ipod__) id be good at it

(United States of America ipod__) before i slept
(United States of America ipod__) yesterday night
(United States of America ipod__) i was on my bed
(United States of America ipod__) thinking of strats
(United States of America ipod__) tactics
(United States of America ipod__) in et
(United States of America ipod__) to perfect
(United States of America ipod__) the perfect hol
(United States of America ipod__) hold
(United States of America ipod__) in supply depot 2

<23:59:17> "ipod": no i was just in a good mood
<23:59:20> "ipod": wanted to hear somethign sweet

India KAMZ: I'm about 6 foot 3
United Kingdom R0SS: Yea, with ur fucking turban on

(United Kingdom keando) spam f1 im gonna votekick the spec
keando called a vote. Voting for: KICK keando
Vote passed!

(Anonymous +triviabot) Question 10: (Science&Nature): How many tentacles does an octopus have?
(Malta +[CB]Killerboy) 9

14:37 - LORDI: what is asparagus
14:37 - LORDI: is it like viagra
14:37 - LORDI: or

United Kingdom Sublime [miXer]: lol i just put ip and pw to some chick on msn


(Poland palemki) star you are 18?
(Poland palemki) so you were born in 1998?

(United Kingdom anexis'R0SS) i was on the phone last night and my mate cut off, i called him back and said "what happened? did you lag out?" automatically

- Belgium rapz / zpar
United Kingdom Artstar: too much estrogen
United Kingdom Artstar: :D
Belgium zpr #137: estrogen?
Belgium zpr #137: isn't that what people swallow to attract girls?

(United Kingdom i aint died in about 20 deaths

(Finland miNdisaqueen) what is the first thing that comes to your head when i say africa
(United Kingdom rAzZisaqueen) bob marley

United Kingdom razz: i get more mad because you think im mad

(United Kingdomrazz) how can we get a 6v6 when we only have a 12 slot server

Match is PAUSED! (Referee)
(United Kingdom rAzZ) wtf i cant move
(United Kingdom rAzZ) someones ddosing me

Poland Toska: masz facebooka?
United Kingdom Artstar: Insane what is she saying?
Poland Insane: u got fb?
United Kingdom Artstar: sure
Poland Toska: to dawaj
United Kingdom Artstar: ?
Poland Insane: give me
United Kingdom Artstar:

(United Kingdom @TosspoT) baggiez
(United Kingdom @TosspoT) where can I find meez
(United Kingdom +asd\Baggiez) hes out
(United Kingdom @TosspoT) wtf?

(Catalonia uniqee) girls shit too man. do you want a girl who poops?

Belgium zaklantaarn: my nose looks normal from distance


Team UK Captain 2012 ( NC XV)
3:57 on goldrush vs mize, sqzz & xperia :LOL:
3:16 on goldrush vs GreenClon, Rifleman & Testi :MEGALOL:

» CB 6on6 NationsCup XVI - United Kingdom Team UK
» CB 3on3 OpenCup Spring Premier - United Kingdom Queens
» ESL 3on3 Summer League Premier - United Kingdom xZist
» CB 3on3 EU SW Ladder - United Kingdom Queens
» CB 6on6 EU SW Ladder - Europe Supski
» CF 6on6 Spring Cup - Europe Supski
» EVU 5on5 Fall Cup - Europe Carnifex
» ESL 3on3 Spring League - United Kingdom xZist
» ESL 3on3 Fall League - United Kingdom xZist
» L4F 5on5 Spring League - Chile Synergy
» CG 6on6 NationsCup - United Kingdom Team UK
» ESL 5on5 Fall League Premier - Europe Carnifex
» CB 6on6 OpenCup Spring Premier - Europe Supski
» CB 3on3 OpenCup Spring - United Kingdom xZist
» CF 6on6 Winter Cup - United Kingdom one.soldier
» 4th CG 3on3 World Cup - United Kingdom Team UK
» 4th CB 6on6 EuroCup XXVIII - United Kingdom one.soldier
» 4th ESL 3on3 NationsCup - United Kingdom Team UK
» 5th RtCW 6on6 Alliance Cup - Europe rusty
» 5th CB 6on6 EuroCup XXV - Germany a.Toon
» 5th CB 6on6 RtCW Fall Cup - Europe mort6s
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