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xfire awards 3 - results!

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That's right, the third xfire awards, provided by Poland Mrozu[PL] (who didn't do almost anything because of his wannabe real life issues) and Slovenia Ravenous (who deserves a cookie for counting the votes and writing down the shizzle on xfire).

This time "The player you hope will quit playing" award went to the hands of United Kingdom TosspoT and "The most overrated player" surprisingly became Finland mystic of uQ and gunslingers fame.

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xfire awards 3 - the results!

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*UPDATE*: top 5 from each category added via numerous requests!

After exactly 2 weeks, we're proud to present you the third edition of xfire awards. We have received a total of 110 valid mails and unfortunately also quite a lot of fake ones - whoever did it should try harder next time, doesn't really work, meight.
Enough with the statistics, here are the actual results:

The Best Team:

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