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Hello ladies and gentlemen, for those who have been participating in our Discord Gather games, you had the chance sometimes to play on the private Anti-Cheat server as well and since we didn't introduce it properly yet or gave out any extensive information about it, I assumed it was time to do that as well and how better to do it then present you the interview with the person who is in charge of this Anti-Cheat, one of the founders of =F|A= Clan, hellreturn / daredevil.

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  1. Junior warhouse... 1 Aug 2020
  2. Its just map script... 23 Jun 2020
  3. As I have already... 16 Jun 2020
  4. nt try 11 Jun 2020
  5. hahah imagine... 10 Jun 2020
  6. In case of a tie,... 10 Jun 2020
  7. I wonder how that... 7 Jun 2020
  8. if u re running... 30 May 2020