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ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC

Greetings summoners, nvm scratch that, we are still at our beloved game ET and it seems it's recent activity has brought up quite some familiar faces back to the scene again. Recent RTCW cup has been quite successful, so we thought why not making something similiar to ET, Sebhes has done the first step of creating ETernity cup, but since it's still a bit of time to play it, we decided to prepare something for all the enthusiasts to test their rusy skills on the battlefield again.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, for those who have been participating in our Discord Gather games, you had the chance sometimes to play on the private Anti-Cheat server as well and since we didn't introduce it properly yet or gave out any extensive information about it, I assumed it was time to do that as well and how better to do it then present you the interview with the person who is in charge of this Anti-Cheat, one of the founders of =F|A= Clan, hellreturn / daredevil.

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