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» About me
× Name: Michael "hAtelijk" van der Loo
× Age: 16
× Country: The Netherlands
× Languages: image: nl, image: gb & image: id

image: et-logo image: nl perang Gaming
× image: nl perang hAtelijk
× image: nl perang skijt
× image: nl perang venoM
× image: nl perang Ney
× image: fi perang Good

× image: nl perang wuKaS
× image: nl perang Amazon


» Contact
image: F2004120317403800000 E-mail: mike-aveli@hotmail.com
image: msn_icon MSN: mike-aveli@hotmail.com
image: xfire_icon Xfire: theomega92
image: mirc_logo mIRC: #perang.et
image: cfmw7 Crossfire: [urlnew=http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=message&mode=compose&to=23467]PM me[/url]
image: homepage Website: [urlnew=http://www.perang-gaming.nl.tt]perang Gaming[/url]

image: nl wuKas such a crazy motherfucker on vent, and great ET player.
image: nl Efax such a cool Indonesian skillerboy.
image: nl skijt nice lil brother, well not so nice on ventrilo.
image: nl ovie teaching me some rifle tricks and being a nice person
image: nl overschie funny guy, always in for a joke.
image: nl KADiR aka shaKy funny accent and nice and good player.
image: nl outlAw randomhighskiller
image: nl venoM know him for about 6 years in the ET scene.
image: nl kaulo aka mythi reallife mate and funny guy.
image: nl shaffie aka insAne one of the coolest players I know, good player too.
image: nl Amazon real good player, and nice guy tho.
image: nl juA best aimer imo and a really nice guy.
image: nl ovrboost great player and a nice guy to play with.


Searching for clan Posted by image: de Fortis.
image: nl Derbinho: I heard that Rabobank is looking for a clan too.
image: nl hAtelijk: I heard something like that too, thought that Fortis was inactive.. oh no that was Belgium Fortis...

btw: ABN Amro is also cless, ex team is Ajax

image: nl Derbinho: Yep, Belgium Fortis lost his motivation.
And ABN Amro played EC with Ajax

OMG just make a team!


ABN Amro

gl :>

Edit, try ING (new talent)

image: nl hAtelijk: I heard Barclays quit sponsoring the Permier League and is cless now.. TAKE BARCLAYS, for the win!

My selfmade flags:

NL/Amsterdam image: 2nbybso
Limburg image: 2wqqtf7


MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadSteelseries Qck