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Current team

France nutZ


France not. devA
Francenot. beqs
France not. nutZ
France not. destru
France not. NiaK

France coNsul.wyAtt
France coNsul.wiNy
France coNsul.nutZ
Finland coNsul.vehtis
Germany coNsul.xiL

Europe v1

Francesticked. soma
France sticked. P-J
France sticked. splintkill
France sticked. soma
France sticked. moushou
France sticked. ikki
France sticked. nutZ


France wLy. soma
France wLy. AERO
France wLy. moushou
Belgium wLy. Ag3nt
France wLy. narco
France wLy. Sunny
France wLy. skynet
France wLy. nutZ

Belgium newind xkl
Belgium newind eden
France newind ussx
France newind nutZ

Belgium disturb deep
France disturb zEnk
Belgium disturb zig
France disturb zRing
France disturb Hulk
France disturb nutZ

France wGame. H!rO
France wGame. MTZ
France wGame. Begun
France wGame. nutZ
France wGame. Gr3G

France o'rly nutZ
France o'rly kaherix
France o'rly zebi
France o'rly Atenak
France o'rly jACK


FinlandqS rong eSport : WHAT ?
FinlandqS rong eSport : Turn your wh off
ZimbabweZ.ET nutZz : ? i lean
FinlandqS rong eSport : LEAN ?
FinlandqS rong eSport : you jumped

United Kingdomneko : Ofc sure turn off
Zimbabwez'tun : :DD

France[F-F]FinalShot : Mais allé maintenant il activ ...

PolandIKS DEE NITRO : OK ! Nice wallshot btw

EuropeKRPmagneto : sure
EuropeKRPmagneto : xD stop cheat !

Austriajumperr : sure
Austriajumperr : nice unhit


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image: noisette




Playing OC 2o2 (with FrancewyAtt]
Played a lot of odc 5o5 / 3o3 / 2o2
Playing Ladders 1o1
Playing CPC cup
Playing ECC VI 5o5
Playing ECC V 5o5
Playing OC 3o3 (with FrancewyAtt ; FrancewiNy)
Playing Fall leagues 5o5
Playing frenchligue 5o5
Ladder cb
Ladder esl
Playing Summercup 5o5
Playing Summercup 3o3

Playing France Frogz All stars with Aquitaine ( Coupe des regions )