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Urban Terror Stand-Alone Release

You might remember the Q3 mod which was supposed to become an ET mod but then got canceled. Well they just made a new release and now it can be run as a stand alone, so it's now an entirely free (as in free beer) game like Enemy Territory. BattlEye was integrated in the last minute (no Mac support yet), so it even has an Anticheat tool. Quake 3 owners can still use Punkbuster, but users of the stand alone won't be able to connect to Punkbuster servers obviously.

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One vs. Two SW Rounds, Revisited

A rather long time ago, I wrote about the problematic of mixing typical long ET maps with very short and quick maps, which should ideally be played in a double-round setting.

I argued that it would be better to stick to one of both, either play double-rounds or only play longer maps. I claimed that only goldrush and oasis would be too long for a double-round setting and proposed changes to make them faster.

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