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CCA 2015 Winners

Three weeks ago, we announced the Crossfire Community Awards 2015. You have sent us your nominations and casted your votes... now, it's time to bring it all to a close. Here are the winners!

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In an effort to revive the Articles section here on Crossfire (and maybe inspire others to do the same), I'm conducting a short series of interviews with some known - and not-so-known - ET players and admins.

My third interviewee has been contributing as an admin for several years now. He founded gentleMen eSports and is currently the manager of the DoubleDutchDragons ET team formerly known as back2kill.
  1. WuT'b2k 16 Nov 2014
  2. U$A ipod 15 Oct 2014
  3. [CB]Aniky 24 Jun 2013

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ET Spring Cup 2021 predictions?

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