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#uQ.Gaming UPDATED cup info!

image: uqgaming1go2

Its been crazy times recently in ET, with a second quakecon and CPC over in europe. All this activity has stired a name not seen in ET for a while.

I can confirm that uQ-Gaming are once again going to support Enemy Territory.

Applications for the new ET team are already open and talks with a few teams have already started.

But this time uQ.Gamings support goes further than just its own teams.
  1. uQ who? 12 Feb 2006
  2. sweRTCW 4 Dec 2005

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More Photos, photos

Well i added a journel yesterday, and updated it today with all my pics. I noticed foonr made his into a column so i copied him!

I got Mavs video and i will cut it together into a small video which includes the "WhineingDJ and urtier" footage, which has been widely rumoured about.
Please be a little patient with this. I will add it here when its done.

Also Arachon is editing his recorded interviews from the evening, so when he is done i will ask him if i can include a link to them here also.

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