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New Crossfire Warning System

Since this morning when the new Warning System was introduced, there has been a flood of queries into what it actually is and what it does.
image: tornado_warning
The basic idea for the system is that in the past, the admins at Crossfire weren't able to easily track repetitive rule breakers very efficiently. It all had to be co-ordinated through word of mouth to one another.

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Interview with zaaro after making his way to the I28 finals

Arick conducted a small interview with zaaro after his team 'syKotic' made it to the grand finals of the United Kingdom I28 Multiplay LAN

Here it is:
Hey zaaro, for a second consecutive time you've made it to the finals at multiplay, how does it feel?
Brilliant, especially the way we did it beating the team that beat us in the final last time, and 21-8, really showing we are playing well, and we look forward to a tough match vs dignitas.

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Is what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians justifiable?

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