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Narrative Essay Outline on A Field Trip

You might have seen a usual practice of writing essays throughout your academic years. It is basically conducted to improve your intellectual skills and to enhance the inside environment of a classroom. 

Every essay has its own importance. Essays written in the proper format are appreciated and easily understood. In this write my essay tutorial, you will be guided with a narrative essay outline structure. The outline will be basically about a field trip. The primary objective of attempting this activity is to give a better understanding of how to write an outline in a narrative essay. 

A narrative paper usually contains special experiences that have happened in history. You narrate it in a way that shows the world what happens and how you resolved such circumstances.

Topic: A Field Trip



● Importance of field trips
● Tour at the Fremantle Maritime Museum

● Highlight some major observations from past
● Condition of the museum before and after the European settlement
● Describe some background context

● Significance of choosing this place for student learning
● Explain some description of the site for its native people

● Attractive for multicultural historical sites, home to mass communication, and a hub for exhibitions, market concerns, as well as festivals to street performances
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Body paragraphs

● It brings knowledge to students as for its historical importance.
● It explained the story of indigenous imprisonment in Australia in today’s world. 
● Importance of those prisons in Australian’s history.

● Specifications of the prison

● Students learning about the underground tunnel, knowledge about the convicts, maritime legends as well as the tales of the free settlers.
● Students learn about the settling tales of Nyoongar people and other dreamy narratives of that area.
● Students learn about the significance of the Swan River. 
● They learn about the interlinking of Fremantle and the natives

● Explanation of how European settlement interrupted the local settlements.
● On the arrival of Fremantle, Nyoongar people accommodate them.

● Importance of indigenous tourism and growth of sustainable development in today’s century


Well, this outline was about a field trip which was specifically conducted at Fremantle museum located in Perth region, Australia. Hopefully, this would be a greater help for your upcoming narrative essay. 

Other considerations

Usually paper writing service outlines consist of three main sections i.e. introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. You have to elaborate your essay within these three domains. 

Remember your introduction will be including a thesis statement always. The exception is only when you are writing your paper in your initial stage. 

Your body paragraphs must include each topic sentence in every section of your paragraph. For example, in the above example, your body paragraphs will have eight paragraphs with 7-8 sentences in each paragraph.

Within this, in mind, you have to write your body paragraphs in a proper format. The proper format is as follows;

● Start your paragraph with a topic sentence. For example, in the above write my paper example, the first topic sentence will be ‘This field trip basically improved the knowledge about the historical importance towards students learning’. 
● Then, you will add supporting explanations which would be 1-2 sentences in total. For example, how did it improve knowledge about historical significance? 
● You will then be mentioning the supporting evidence regarding your topic sentence. You can add any statistics, or any event that will prove your statements.
● Then add 1-2 sentences to explain your supporting evidence. 
● Write the concluding sentence or transitional sentence at the end of that particular paragraph. 
● In your conclusion, you will be summarizing your overall ideas that you have already provided in your essay. Remember you are not supposed to add any new idea in this section. 

So with the basic outline of a narrative essay, you have been provided with the standards that you need to keep in mind while outlining your essay by write my essay for me service. Happy writing!

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