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Oxygen is good, but...

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..xtrazone is better

Oxygen since reformed has been playing for about 3-4 months, and only with a few minor lineup changes. We have since solidified our lineup and thought it was time to join up with a mgc, and after a bit of searching decided xtrazone was a good opportunity. We're in the process of practicing and playing a few cups, but hope to receive a EC qualifier.

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Enforcing Rules and Regulations within CB

First of all I'd just like to mention this isn't a "column" against how much I hate ClanBase or how it should be burnt to the ground. In fact there are a lot of things CB is doing that are reminiscent of prior tournaments hosted. They have mice up for grabs for the top 3 places in ET EC this season, a considerable amount of coverage and what seems to be a decent admin structure; however that being said, I think the admin team needs a little "work".

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