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Coming home from CDC the first thing Austria I realized beside the fact that long train-trips are not a good thing if you dislike backache, was that the online only part of team massacre – talking about our German boy Germany anim who still claims to be Canadian, Denmark Exquizit and Sweden some guy who used to play with disposable – have mistaken discussions about calling it a day after the lan for actual decisions.

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insecure @ OC premier

Good evening dear community!

Throughout the last 2 years random 6on6 and 3on3 cups have unfortunately been taken over by our beloved cheater community. At least serious leagues and cups have not yet entirely been infested by that scum - until now!

Having a look at this season's groups, anyone with a certain (minimum) amount of community knowledge should be able to spot a few supers-suspicious teams which actually should not be there.

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