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Final: ET Artwork #12


Let’s keep the ongoing Snogard-drama aside for a moment…

Now why is this on ‘other news’?
Basically because there is no category called ‘ET-Pics’. I have chosen to post my final work on ‘other news’ because I believe that this has taken more effort than various movies. It’s by far not comparable to a random youtube journal and definitely more than a simple cless post in the forums. And the other categories didn’t fit.

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This survey includes detailed information about some of ET’s talented players’ mouse-, config- and windows settings etc.

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  1. Jcy, LAN didnt work... 21 May 2019
  2. ok thx 20 Jan 2019
  3. sick! what... 19 Jan 2019
  4. LOL good one! 6 Dec 2018
  5. Need to save it... 4 Dec 2018
  6. rl 4 Dec 2018
  7. :( 30 Nov 2018
  8. would you? 1 Aug 2018