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Team Ireland!


After a night of intense trials! I can now gladly present you Ireland Team Ireland!

Ireland Skydeh
Ireland apple
Ireland herbal
Ireland joee
Ireland calamity
Ireland etnies
Ireland danni
Ireland emortal
Ireland coco

You can support us at #ET.

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A Chat With tyyrd

Posted on behalf of Malta KiL|3rBoY

Today i had the pleasure to interview United Kingdom Stuart "Tyyrd" Gatelan. Most people know him for being a kid flamer (tyyrds words) and playing in clans such as oceans6, sYnod5, tacky and ofc Team-UK. I caught up with him to see how his ET Career was going.

image: dadadadadaey1

Hi Stuart, in a few words, describe yourself

I am an Ordinary 16 year old really.

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