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KKC, back in bussiness.

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As those of you who have been fortunate enough to play versus us in the past few days/weeks might have suspected, one of Benelux's oldest and most respected ET-clans has resurfaced after a 2-year inactivity spell. We saw in what a desperate and miserable state the 3v3-scene was after we left it and we decided it could not stay like that.

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Interview with mesq (Waki)

After an amazing performance at CPC 2, I (Wakizashi) wanted to know more of mesq so i decided to catch up with him and find out his thoughts and feelings on ET:

For those people who don't know mesq already please describe to them who you are

Hey everyone, I'm Steven 'mesq' Van Acker from Belgium. I just turned 16 a week ago. I'm playing ET for 4 years now. Besides ET, I like going out with friends, playing football, etc.

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