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#Frag-Theatre Promo Video

We, from #Frag-Theatre, proudly present our Promo-Video!

Since our project is developing further and further, and we've almoast reached Gold status, we're releasing our Promo-Video.

In a couple of days, when we've polished the yet rough edges of our project, we'll be releasing the website. This website contains contribution feautures, and many other exciting options! Be sure to take a look...

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Clanbase Anti-Cheat Policy

image: bannerpbbanscbya7

Dear gamers and gamelovers,

As we all know cheaters are one of the biggest problems in the online-gaming scene. They make people dislike the game, they give the game a bad reputation and they are just plain annoying.

The current Clanbase anticheat-policy isn't working well enough. Dodraug and me had a little discussion at IRC, and we decided that it's time that some work is done.

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