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Team Slovenia!

image: slovenijazu7h

The Slovenian ET team is proud to announce this years lineup for the upcoming Nations cup.
We had some bad luck last year, but that wont stop us to try to do our best this year!


Slovenia Domen "Cold" Dalan
Slovenia Lovro "Carniee" Kovacic
Slovenia Klemen "[url=http://www.crossfire.

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5 on 5, the extended debate...

In this column I would like to raise a few questions concerning the 5on5 versus 6on6 debate as I think there are some, to me, very important points that haven’t been brought into light yet.

First of all, as I’ve previously asked in a comment, how can people be so certain they “know” what the community wants? On the Internet it’s very easy to be anonym. There’s no real control over anything and there are very ways to find out what people actually want.

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