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After failing numerous times, we're hoping to actually win something this season. We will go in with huge confidence and look forward to competing against our opponents, for the spectators and most of all for our beloved nation!

I'm proud to announce the lineup we'll be competing with will be:

United Kingdom rahul (S. N. Battalion)
United Kingdom Meez (S. N.

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CC5: All details over the head

It's not Malta toxic this time, but TAG long timer Belgium overdrive. Landmine specialist, and engineer god, Belgium overdrive tells us about his experiences thus far.

How're you finding the lan so far?
It's been good so far, especially the organisation. I guess it's been better than the last ones. We were a bit afraid on Thursday; we did a mix bootcamp, but there were so many problems like sound being messed, pc's not booting etc.

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