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WinFakt adds some Queens

image: queens11ljk5

The rumours have been running around this community for quite some time now and we can finally confirm it. EuropeWinFakt is going to recruit EuropeQueens.ET and will sent them to the Adroits ET-Masters. The lineup is a little bit different from the one currently fighting in BFB2 but it still boasts some amazing players and is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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Sitting down with Sup3r

Today the Next-Evolution management sat down with Nevo.ET Sup3r to have a little chat about his life, et and his future plans with Enemy Territory! Hope you enjoy!

Q: Hello Sup3r, why don’t we start with a little introduction of your non-gaming life ?
Hi Felix !
I’m a 19 year old Belgian guy named Sander.
Don’t do any sports anymore just the occasional late-night jog Belgium AL1-style.

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