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Polished up History:

Germany Highbot
Netherlands angelDust
Netherlands sFx Gaming
United Kingdom zeroEmpathy
Italy retro4u
Germany vicious and evil
Germany uhrwerk

Clan History:

Austria Team - Austria:
Austria DonMatthias
Austria potter
Austria scorch
Austria jaN
Austria v1ech
Austria blzzardx

Denmark nSens - Highbot:
Denmark bamZe (cl)
Denmark fiskEn (cl)
Denmark fryzer
Finland Zeku
Turkey kaZer
Austria blzzardx

United Kingdom In7 - Silentium:
Austria bl1zzardx (cl)
Finland Shanuh
Netherlands stib
Belgium fishbot
Netherlands loazis
Poland west!

United Kingdom Gnome (cl)
United Kingdom elvz

Austria Team - Austria:
Austria beAsty
Austria potter
Austria limbonic
Austria hal
Austria Tamschi
Austria xXx
Austria v1ech
Austria blzzardx

Netherlands nkNn - angelDust:
Netherlands illumise [cl]
Belgium chizz6l
Netherlands loazis
Belgium Witje
Belgium fishbot
Austria bl1zzardx

Netherlands ovie
Finland kapaa

Sponsor: sFx Gaming, zeroEmpathy

Austria Team - Austria:
Austria xXx
Austria xety
Austria v1ech
Austria beAsty
Austria Tamschi
Austria bl1zzardx

Germany aProx7.et - Retro4u:
Austria blizzard [cl]
Turkey kaZer [cl]
Denmark fiskEn
Netherlands morf
Germany epiK
Germany coOles
Germany pe+er

Poland west!
Netherlands illumise

Retired from Retroactive:

Denmark fryzer (player)
Netherlands ov!e (player)
Netherlands overschie (backup)

Sponsor: ReVolution eSports

Europe Team - Silentium <3:

Austria Bl!zzard [cl]
Finland Shanuh [cl]
Finland Chris
Estonia kqrs
Netherlands illumise
Finland caej

Retired from silentium:

Netherlands joop & Netherlands mrT
Netherlands Goliath & Netherlands killanddie
Netherlands sa1lr & Netherlands Lavod
Germany miTTi & Germany jeenyus
United Kingdom Nyke & United Kingdom elvz
Finland Ethic & Finland anZi & Finland nsd

Had the best ET time with you guys, ty

Sponsor: intellic, p3G, uhrwerk, vicious and evil, Terranex.de, Intolerance In7

contact: #silentium @ qnet

Backup for Germany SMASHED:
Italy ambOs
Germany mKs
Germany lahq
Germany mztic
Russia Sts
Germany hcke
Austria blizzardx

My favourite ET quotes:
Quote sFx`illumise: either it is a trickplant or you are just an idiot!

Quote sFx`loazis: i like you
sFx`loazis: :$
sFx`loazis: the way you command me, breath so heavily in your mic
sFx`loazis: even though you coming to us
sFx`loazis: means that im gonna get kicked out of the lineup
sFx`loazis: but still

Quote loazis: wtf you are nudels honey? who is he? i gonna rape him
blizzard: he is she
loazis: oh then its ok i guess
(clicks on her profile)
loazis: WTF!? what went wrong when she got birthed!?


Outdated due to profile-loss in 2009


#Attention.ET 3on3 up with Estonia zOMG
reveal.et cup Luger only with Finland Shanuh <3
minicup.hu premier leauge with Europe silentium
Relic-Cup with Europe silentium
silentium cup with Europe silentium
seek and destroy-cup v2 with Europe silentium

ETMasters Qualifiers 2009 with Denmark nSense (noshow vs aToOn)

Leagues (Clanbase & ESL):

back up for:
EC XXI with Netherlands nkNn
EC XIX with Denmark nSens

CB EU 2on2 Ladder with Netherlands nkNn
ESL EU 3on3 Ladder with Germany retro4u
CB EU 3on3 Ladder with Europe silentium
ESL EU 6on6 Ladder with Europe silentium
ESL DE 6on6 Ladder with Europe silentium
5th CB EU 5on5 Ladder with Europe silentium

10th CB EU 6on6 Ladder with Europe silentium

4th/5th OC Fall 2006 second league with Europe silentium
OC Spring 2007 premier league groupstage with Europe silentium

OC Spring 2008 second league OC 6on6 with Germany smashed
OC Fall 2007 second league OC 3on3 with Germany retro4u
OC Fall 2007 second league OC 6on6 with Germany retro4u
Playoffs OC Spring 2008 premier league with Netherlands nkNn
Groupstage OC Fall 2008 premier league with Germany smashed