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TEK9 Networks Ltd. is no longer

[img|left][/img]TEK9 Networks Ltd. is no longer. Founded nearly two years ago, the Limited company TEK9 Networks Ltd. was the further professionalisation of the TEK9 Gaming team that had existed for another two years. It was a major step for both the management and the Benelux scene and showed the intent to take things to the next level.

Quote by TEK9Today however, we must announce that we have closed down TEK9 Networks Ltd. as an entity.

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Paul's eVolution

When we hear the name eVo, we think of Impact Gaming. When we hear Impact Gaming, we think of the mighty Enemy Territory team which has grabbed 2nd spot on both CPC2 and their very own ET Masters. Let’s get this started and get to know eVo.

England Paul “eVo” Sexton is known from multigaming organizations such as sFx.Gaming, WoN and of course his own Impact Gaming (together with Ireland mthd).

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