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not punky lol

Russia jago
Croatia suvi
Estonia euruz
Netherlands xperia
Denmark frizer
United Kingdom griim
Netherlands ati
Summercup Premier League 2010
ECC 5v5 4th season

Russia jago
Russia joke
Russia dunz
Russia shitty
Germany bong
Germany carlito
Opencup Premier League 2010
unbeaten for 2months

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QuoteFinland walle:
bs, direct is only thing they can get now if they keep playing, and it doesnt matter how they do in ec if they r raping oc with hands down, they already proofed their skill for the ec, no need for qualifiers, i dont even think theres any reason to argue about it now because vibe should've been in ec this season too, id say vibe is better than half of ec teams but thats my opinion only

QuoteCroatia Frozz:
yeye,u raped us so badly that i dont even regret losing,and that doesnt happen too often

QuoteNetherlands hayaa
haya (12:03): waiting for my brother to show ass, but hes fucking slow

QuoteBelgium sup3r:
jago doesn't afraid of anything

QuoteEstonia Freeze:
jago, join team ee

QuoteBelgium chry:
chry: oke next game stay at britch?

QuoteSpain Wezor:
jago: matias, how is ur sister?:D
matias: fine:D
wezor: =0
matias: how are you?
wezor (teamchat): did u fucked her?

QuoteGermany mama:
<@mamaa> miNd dodger more lans than danone and jago together

QuoteFinland ENSAM:
jago is the sickest match finder ever. didnt even get to start searching!!!

QuoteGermany bong:
<boNg-> hahaha
<boNg-> du wichser
<boNg-> ich sag geh fops
<boNg-> kommt der da mit seiner riesen möhre an
<boNg-> am cp
<boNg-> wtf
<boNg-> xD
<jago`> jo alter du schaust so ich denke mir shit der merkt das gleich
<jago`> aufeinmal
<boNg-> xDD
<boNg-> hahahahha

bong: hahaha
bong: u wanker
bong: i said go fops
bong: and then i see u coming with this big panzer
bong: at cp
bong: wtf
bong: xD
jago: ye dude you looked at me and i was like "damn he will notice it now"
jago: suddenly

QuoteRussia Joke:
<|JOkE> nado govorit' vse kruto, zhizn' - nishtyak, vse zhivy-zdorovy
<@shitty> what the fuck is zhizn
<@jago`> life
<|JOkE> life
<|JOkE> chto takoe zhizn' - nolifer loooooooooool
<@shitty> :D
<@shitty> lol |JOkE
<@shitty> fu

joke: u have to say life is great, whole life is awesome
shitty: what the fuck is "zhizn" ?
joke: life
joke: "what is life" - nolifer shitty

QuoteUnited Kingdom razz:
<razz`i> jago`
<razz`i> i just sighned into xfire for the first time in years
<razz`i> and i have a pm from cooloes
<razz`i> from 2 years ago
<razz`i> haha
<razz`i> wait
<razz`i> hi razz
<razz`i> jago want to make a short movie
<razz`i> so if its okay for you upload them and send me the dl link
<razz`i> greetz coOles

Quote[flag=dontknow] johnny:
<ext3`johNny> i would destroy you with finger is asshole

<numeric> there was time when I thought you are really good player, and I still do
<numeric> but
<numeric> your whine is just
<numeric> you were whininh like hell with no good reason at me and some others

<shitty> jago best fop in et

<boNgiii> bist echtn guter fops x>

QuoteFrance fra on 25/09/08, 16:38:59 Edited PM | Reply
tbh I think you're just a good fops with a great sens of arty/airstrike spam

QuoteSwitzerland DabSter:
<DabSter> and tbfh i didnt know jago and all that before this pracc
<DabSter> and well hehe, very nice for a first impression

QuoteFinland chmpp:
[19:38] <vae-chmpp> spawnkilling is public only anyways so !
[19:40] <vae-chmpp> but true, i suck fieldopping xD
[19:40] <vae-chmpp> thats why i never play it !
[19:42] <vae-chmpp> dare to give some hints?
[19:44] <acc-jago> my fragmovie will come soon :D
[19:44] <acc-jago> then youll see
[19:45] <acc-jago> but i can show you some shit on my server if you have time x)
[19:45] <vae-chmpp> gimme demos then !"
[19:46] <acc-jago> dont want to waste my time like this:D uploading etc.
[19:46] <vae-chmpp> please its important

image: chmppownerby2

<@pstarZ|jago> ye or #jagodidsuvismum
<+infect`> that channel is older than crossfire or any other

Night: We've got a strict no-polak policy :(

QuoteRussia 4live:
<re-play|4live> jago ab morgen 20:30
<re-play|4live> wir vermissen dich lal :D
<re-play|4live> reden grad uber dich im vent

QuoteRussia murDa:
<murDa111> hey jago
<re-play|jago> hi
<murDa111> hab grad dein frag movie gesehen
<murDa111> echt nice

QuoteBelgium mAus:
cheaters never win D;

QuoteBelgium LioCoO on 25/09/08, 16:40:08 PM | Reply
I will just wait for another month, sure your clan will have folded or somebody will have got busted at that time already, looking forward 2 it!

QuoteFinland Chmpp:
<chmpp> yeyeye
<chmpp> i know
<chmpp> im just random flaming u because i love u so much
<chmpp> this way i can talk to you longer

QuoteFinland Nizou:
<Nizou> that clip was nice btw

QuoteCanada Animal:
Nice shooting by Russia joke and Russia jago make the Swedish feel like hell has resurfaced.

QuoteCanada Animal:
They secured the controls, but couldn't get the build as Russia Jago valiantly defended his engineer Russia 4live.

QuoteFinland lettu_ on 26/10/08, 23:23:28 PM | Reply
i begged for probot light to be precise

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