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Meltdown beta released

image: meltdown

Mapmaker England Chris has been working on his map Meltdown since late 2007 and the first public beta is now released. The map has been designed from the beginning for 6on6 and the sole goal has been to make a good map for competition. Now you can help test the map and provide feedback on how to improve it.

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Takens take 3: CDC Edition

In this article I wont talk too much about the matches at CDC4, but rather the LAN itself and the challenges ETQW faces.

The tournament
CDC4 just finished and we saw some of the best Quake Wars matches to date in what could have been an epic tournament. But due to several things CDC4 hopefully wont go in the books as Quake Wars historical highlight.

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Should vehicles be allowed to shoot in 3rd person?

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