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Acer Challenge Groups Announced

image: acer_teaser With only four days remaining until the next CoD frenzy will kick off, it is time for the groups and schedule to be released.

Starting from 09:00 CET until "Crossfire-ish late", the best Dutch and one French team will battle it out for € 3000 in cash. The complete schedule can be found [url=

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Thank you nC...seriously.

image: thankyoutc0

It has taken a long while, but it seems the master plan of netCoders has finally culminated to its ultimate destination in where it will prove that PunkBuster is a faulty product. And for the first time, I see some justification for their actions, even a small sense of thankfulness is soaring though my minds. Seriously!

As an admin for a long time, I have seen how cheat makers have advanced on Punkbuster.

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Should p5 have all their EC matches forfeited?