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I’m constructing! - Frag video

I’m constructing! - Frag video

Australian frag video

Player: I’m constructing! aka hAMRkRUKZ!

All frags are from official Nation cups (3o3, 5o5, 6o6), CyberGamer ladder, CyberGamer money cup and one stolen clip from the GameArena ladder, season 10 grandfinal. Shhh! Don't tell muad'dib!
My first try at a proper frag video but I realized after using Vegas, during this time I learnt more things I could do with Vegas and I knew I could make a much better video.
I started re'recording it with better editing/free cams/custom kill logs, but it's so bloody time consuming I gave up.
Also I got tired of going through the few demos I have left but I'm sure I could have used frags...
Maybe in the future I'll create a 3-5min video with better editing/new frags, specially if I can get my hands on my old GameArena demos!

ET Spring CUP 2021 [4K|60FPS]

ET Spring Cup 2021 Teams Schedule

Sunday, 14th of March - Groups published
Monday, 15th of March - Start of the first matchweek
Monday, 22nd of March - Start of the second matchweek
Monday, 29th of March - Start of the third matchweek
Monday, 5th of April - Additional matchweek
Monday, 12th of April - Play Offs published
Tuesday, 13th of April - Start of the double elimination play offs for both 3on3 & 6on6
Enter the hunter 2

Enter the hunter 2

Big thanks To Kimi :) Enjoy the party and have fun :) ..


Rewind your 30 something year old brain back to 2005 for a full osp 1st person pov frag video.
AUS rtcw history

AUS rtcw history

A long, long time ago, far far away, on the brighter side of the world, was a hidden rtcw scene that has never been presented to the world till today.

Content includes:
Team Dot @ Quakecon 2003 qualifiers.
Bone Arena events.
The road to the 2004 Gamearena Grand Final.
Team Oceania / Team Dot @ Quakecon 2020.
Team Oceania @ Nationscup 2020.

With players returning for 2020 qcon and rtcwpro looking solid, hopefully we can participate more regularly and not have players return after years like spdr with quotes like “alright where do I plant the docs on the white map (ice)”.

This is not meant to be a goodbye movie, I am hoping this video sparks some players to return to bone arena events and gather demos for a future video. Rumour has it, there’s an old pc sitting in Melbourne storage that belongs to Ringo which may have a goldmine of early GA years on it.

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