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Sungi Timerun Movie

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28 world record timeruns from the ETRun-mod ( on vanilla ET physics (VET).

Sigma - Stay
Metrik - Freefall VIP (feat. Reija Lee)

RTCW tj movie

Hello crossfire, was cleaning my ssd and found this old insane tj movie from rtcw. Enjoy! :)
SHORT FLASHBACK - U96D 3on3 base fast tacs [4k]

SHORT FLASHBACK - U96D 3on3 base fast tacs [4k]

One unfinished project revived.
2004 ET 3on3 premier league game vs team merge.
LameSt3rr + EC emorej

LameSt3rr + EC emorej

Done in a few days for fun with some old leftover frags over the years.

Content and Editing:

Beethoven - That feel in the nazi bunker
Breaking Benjamin - Failure
Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes
Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself

Original Journal Post

After posting LameSt3rr, emorej gave me a link and asked me to do his movie, so here it is also.

QuoteThe movie a whole nation was waiting for.
- maxuh

Enemy Territory Fragmovie of EuroCup finalist and Team France player emoReJ.
This project contains a highlight of frags from 2004 to 2018.
Special thanks to xAv and serial for encouraging emorej throughout his Eurocup campaign

Mztik movie uncompleted from ages ago

Old movie I found on my HDD,
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