Codec own3d

Oui - Candy

Just a very good and very different movie. Not usually a fan of cs movies but this is just a little different.

God knows how much work went into this one but worth the effort
lOL :D wtf

weird idea tbh :X
something different but beautifully executed
10 for creativity
rly nice movie !
thats something new
music was shit but other than that.... nice
Sick , emoscreaming ruined it though.
It's been edited so that it sounds comical rather than emo

And that's part of the joke

Just a brilliant work of art

really nice idea. GJ
reminds me of XIII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqc3t5mj1YE
and srlsy lold at 1.08
Poland oui is the bes movie maker ever
Very nice movie!
great movie :D
1:20 - 1:22

Holy. Shit.
Aaaw damn nice movie :D !

10 10 9 10

Content was good but I've seen better.

Music seemed pointless considering how much effort went into other aspects of the editing.
Is that song avaible somewhere without that chipmunk singing?
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