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No Pressure

[No Pressure]
A short clip featuring idle^RELOAd by Frop.

ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV, vs aMenti, 11.01.2007
Shoutcast by iTG`TosspoT (courtesy of Radio iTG)

Length: 00:01:05
Size: 32 MB
Codec: x264
Resolution: 720*576
Frame rate: 30 FPS

Codec: AAC

Adobe Audition 1.5
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
CamTrace 3D 0.9
Enemy Territory 2.60b
ET Pro 3.2.6
Sony Vegas 7
Virtual Dub 1.6.17

Team Dignitas

Latest version of VLC Player has been included in the package.
You can blame hannes for advising me to use AAC & x264. This one minute clip would've been 100 MB in XviD at exactly the same quality.
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just tell me one good reason why i shoud register?.. not because of the movie thats for sure
It's my first clip ever. If you actually have any constructive criticism, I'd like to hear it.
as a movie maker u have to live with those criticism.
Did you actually read what I said?

I meant that you can tell me what you disliked, so I can possibly improve the next one I make (if I ever make one again).
upload it next time somewhere else where i dont have to register. was that constroctive enough?
great clip loved it :D
no thx to the guy who sent the demo?!

nice clip though :D
Edited, although I did only use my own and Atarax's demo in the end. :)
well I was just joking really but oh well :p
Nice clip, although RELOAd *would* have lost if he'd only had 5 bullets as TosspoT and the server said during the pause. aCoZZ was killed with the 6th of 8. :)
Yeah, it was a nice bug (I assume he was almost done RELOAding the second they paused). :)
wasting of time :x reload is a lagger he could have knifed him ^^
I lol'd in real life at the end xD
no pressure reload :)
dont see what pixar has to do with it, it doesnt even look nice, but multisola owned
rly n1 quali and n1 frag :D
I can't understand why u used pixar intro ? ;o
They made me add the ETTV comments, which meant I had to add more bits of the shoutcast as well. In the end I had 8 seconds left and because my first few tries to extend the intro failed, I chose the easy way out and ripped the intro of a random DVD I found. :p
this doesnt deserve the nightrider-song fanboy
yay i'm famous now
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