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mAus the movie

Crossfire Community Awards 2010: Best Movie of the Year

Well this is the second movie i made and it will probably be the last one unless i get some free time.
After some issues i finally finished this "little" compilation of best mAus moments, "some" frags are from back on 2008, i started from that back cause this is the first project where mAus was all involved and i wanted to start from the old school frags and if someone else is interested in a second project can continue with the remaining material. all the frags were picked by myself, i reviewed a LOT of "TV" demos which took me a while cause i had to watch them one by one and then cut the specific parts . Hitsounds, game sounds and stuff were added manually one by one at Vegas/AAE so if you find something out of sync you gotta blame the amazing P4 i used :P.

Anyways as usual i have to do my own critic before you to comment. i do think that everyone has his own editing style in this case the music was not really my taste at all, i listen to metal mostly but metal + my sync addiction would be just hilarious (Check my previous movie).

The intro is just really short if it can be called "intro" that's what i like, about the colors there's nothing out of normal i tried to keep the game view and just did a color "fix" increasing saturation and removing some useless gamma and adding some warmish layer not that much but its noticeable. You'll see a couple of frags that have been used on past movies, i brought them back cause they were good and this is "mAus" only movie so don't even think about re-marking it, and no i did not steal -Max- cams i made them from different angles and timescale etc. if any one wants the demos or any project related to the movie feel free to ask for them.The movie might not be the best but if you do like/hate something you can comment, it'll be appreciated.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me to finish the project:
United Kingdom AndyF1 & Netherlands h3ll (ETTV demos)
image: sv apache04 (packing the demos)
Canada Brisk (labeling and re-uploading demos)
Belgium Anaconda (for hosting the file)
Portugal ag0n, Scotland -Max- & Anonymous madscientist for the technical support
Belgium mAus (for his feedback throughout the project)

Note: please use Mirror 1 too, dont overload the primary
Intense frags, 3rd music monsta was good some sYncs was good overall!
Frags were good but felt some could be replaced such as the sniping one. Quality was nice with good colours. Nice how you didn't overuse cams like others do and okay syncing and editing. Felt you could do abit more edits and syncs. Music was cool.

omg maus omg

you mean mirror 1 ;D
its the 2nd mirror, isnt it ... dumbass ! xD
lol nice edit there .
cams were awful, missed lots of sync, it didn't have any flow.. the only thing that kept me watching the movie was the frags.. quality was decent, many thanks to -Max-'s config from Requiem movie, but good luck at your next movie..
OMG mAus <3
""TV" demos which took me a while cause i had to watch them one by one and the cut the specific parts re-recording to get a dm84(normal ET demo) "

wrote a tool with my exporter that converts ettv demos to client demos :)
didn't know that :p
its not public
well that explains then :P . not fun watching multiple ettv demos.
then why mention it? really helpful shithead
only to make you rage
yus, i make movies.
yo dawg you misspelled madscientist
how that works? :-d
needs files to work seemly, which you don't have here

awesome frags, quality editing effects were all average, music was bad
thought samael was making mAus's movie...
I have much older frags, my movie will be realeased soon :)
well gl with the project :D
stream :(

sick as expected. good thing u didnt overedit and kept it simple, props for that. quality was nice etc...
Some nice frags but lots of backrape and siderape imo. Wasn't expecting so much for mAus

You needed to spend more time on the cams. Most of the action/players aren't in the frame when they should be. I think you used more roll and fov manipulation than necessary also.

The console popups look too big and intrusive while the hud popups have some artifacts around them.

Some of the effects are a little dated...the tv effect etc.

Not enough sync and no flow between the music tracks. 4:48 music change is a little off-putting.

Overall it wasn't exciting for me...anyway, good luck for your next project. :-)
i sign that and want to add, no AA / AF at some parts.
yes, i had a problem with the ub3r 1337 PC where i worked and using AA to the max @ cams made my ET lag a lot :<
i spit my tea out at that tv effect :D
QuoteSome nice frags but lots of backrape and siderape imo. Wasn't expecting so much for mAus

man what you on about anyway? seen you write this a dozen of times, pay attention to the way the player aims and how he does it instead. Never really understood this whole 'siderape' thing anyways, just because a player is in a siderape situation doesn't mean he will pull it off nicely. Most people, even people who're considered to be highskilled would probaby screw up by managing less frags by bodyaiming or just dealing way less damage.

Take the frag on supply against us (overdose) for example, none of us are really shooting back because we got our backs turned but I still find that frag to be impressive because he gets 2-3 headshots a frag and never really gives us a chance to do anything about it.
"seen you write this a dozen of times"

That's bs. I hardly EVER comment on frags.
I take that back then. When I'm using english I sometimes seem to use a bad choice of words when I mean something else and people take it the wrong way, I was exaggerating, my bad =)

What I ment was that I've seen you write that before.
if someone doesnt shoot back and doesnt even look at you , you give 10times easier hs than if he would shoot back.

But i havent seen the movie so i cannot say :P
i think the point is that he does that to the like 5-6 guys in a row, if they dont know ur exact position and u give everyone 3 hs thats indeed impressive.

to a point now: Best frags than in any movie ive seen , 10/10
yeah and best backrape is always with the enemy gun ... if you start shooting from the back guy noone notices that its enemy shooting , nice movie though but there are the backrapes i like more from front but i guess that is possible only for Finnish laggers

I like more from front like Max's movies... or see a teamplay pwnage like in the good old TWK Unmasks movie... that was quality

I always wondered if superboy played Red Faction
It seems like you never watched a good movie, with really good smg frags.

We all know that mAus is a great aimer, but honestly most of the time I saw the back of opponents.
It's not because he rapes/surprises enemies like the best that its enjoyable to watch. I like frags like the one he did on reload at radar the most. Frags were pretty nice though, but max diudn't comment on the quality of the amount of backrape frags, just the quantity. I myself would rather enjoy a few more 1-3 man kills that involve face to face action than a 4-6 man frag on defenseless opponents.
yea, I totally agree about the radar frag. I personally like rare frags most, frags that don't happen very often at all like impressive and difficult flickshots with luger/colt and stuff like that. I'm not saying I prefer back/sideraping frags, but personaly I think that's 6on6 in a nutshell. I'm just surprised people are whining about it, frags like the ones in this movie are completly standard in fragmovies, the difference is that maus does it with better accuracy and tracking which makes it more impressive imo :p

good to hear though that some people prefer difficult frags like I mentioned over multifrags from advantageous positions, I always felt like I was alone thinking that =)
I do think that's what he was trying to say though. I'm pretty sure mAus made some nice and fast doublekills or triple kills in consecutive 1on1s or when outnumbered, and those would be way more interesting to watch than long sprees that involve outpositioning an enemy.

I think most people enjoy fast-paced frags and frags from a disadvantage the most, atleast imo thats the reason why max 3 is such a good fragmovie (or lotix his movie)
IMO there are no 5 man pure kills? since when you kill 2 players from the oppo, others take the needle and try to revive, get crossed from everywhere etc and you just "finish" them. a 5 man bs is very difficult, because you're the only one shooting at them + if 2 of them turns around and hit you 2/3 times you're dead. nice movie for the rest? enjoyed it, gl 4 next projectz
was the frag vs finland in the worldcup final?
hope the EDiT Grand Final frags are there. hehehehehehe
so in total there is maybe one kill done purely with bodyshots
dont listen nerds like hitsu, they r just jealous ;D
well... he is a bodyshooter... Merlinator stated it!
pretty much, but he can shoot hs, u have to admit that ;D
after seeing this clip i can say only - great raping skills...

u can notice he position himself well, and shoots lots of headshots from raping, when noone shoots him back... while duelling he gots much less headshots... bodyshooter
yep, he can use environment for his advantage, just like lockheed long time ago. mAus is the smartest aimer in this game imo
there are much more... was expecting good bodyshooting
cant wait cant wait ogmglfgmfgm
Good Job .. Blazer...
Nice movie, no complains, obviously great content, nearly more hs than in Finland Slarto-productions.
one word: sick!
I'm disappointed, i expected a bit more from this fragmovie.
There is almost no sync, why didn't you try to sync a bit more ? You got lot of key moments during the whole movie to sync your clip correctly (for example when the guy is shouting "MOVE" ).
There is little things that bug me like the AA problem, cheap vegas effect (tv sync), gun pos, sequence @ 7:04...
Freecam were messy, you tried to compensate with the zoom at vegas but that was even worse.
Frags were awesome only few ones should not have be included.
Quality and colours were nice.

A better flow will have made this movie more entertaining.
Only 6/10 :(

Waiting for your next movie, i hope to see something more thrilling and original !
I have MUCH better frags, after watching this Im wondering where he found such a crap frags :o (70% backrape)
still above average :) but ye we could have expected more
hope your movie gonna better
sickest frag ever
nice movie
frags against Sweden overdose, impressive (!)
overall good movie, liked it.
frags are awesome, that´s what it needs..
GOOD VIDEO FRIEND.....................

HIJ d Pu.. no instales tantas cosas en mi pc .............. .!. (*..*) .!.
mAus is THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))
nice frags.
Full of side & backrape frags.

Read what Nuggan wrote. :O)

That's how you mainly get multikills vs. good enemies.
Dont really care what nuggan said. Still its crap.
just so enjoyable tracking, the rest was just good, overall 9/10.
I just hate all those 'Requiem alike/Requiem wnb' movies...
just awesome
would rate it 10, if it was done in 50fps.
sick just sick
Good Movie !
Music 0/10. Had to watch it with sound disabled + trance.
+1 was fuuuuuucking ubershitmusic
really nice :)
10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus 10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus 10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus10 mAus
fcing ace movie!
Amazing frags but cams weren't executed well, didn't like the music and there wasn't alot of sync. Could've been so much better.

best frags I've seen in a fucking while, care about effects and other shits like these
lold about the backrape whine.

Best movie fragwise
must agree with ya!
Apparently he should fire a few shots in the air first to warn his opponent.
Your comment seriously made me laugh a bit in RL. :)
even then mAus would be too match for them
ahahahahaha :DD
Better use luger for that.
i always say that on pubs!
Nice !
Dunno if i can blame own3d for the quali ?
really nice fragmovie, should be in news section, especially if its mAus
great frags as expected, everything else sucked wang.
what butch said.
U    U
S       S
U__ U
muzzleflash is so annoying

fuck :(
U__ U
Lacking abit editing wise, but in some ways im greatful. Prefer it that way than over-edited so the frags where ruined.
U__ U
Fuckin fan boys of a guy who moves left to aim and right to aim. Nice job with kills where enemies can't hit you or don't shoot back.
great movie !
it wasn't so "epic" as i expected

these frags need better editing

maybe u can try use "instrumental" music for next movies ;)

but it's still nice movie, good job man!

Ridiculous aim
crazy frags, horrible music
lol @ people whining about mAus is raping only, it's called positioning, why do you think people like Mystic have such good aim? Check his positioning jeez...

I liked the Requiem - hitsounds thing, but needed some more sync and overall, needed a bit of more creativity + editing, and better cams, watching mAus's aim never gets boring,.
look @ nuggan frags, hes almost always at disadvantage because of his monkey like gamestyle :0

and DO never compare mystic, whos our god and best ET aimer ever, with this punny backraper
you must be kidding me with that comment :DDDDDDD punny backraper, jesus have you ever played with or vs mAus (or even specced him for that matter)? he's clearly the best aimer around.
hes good tracker who abuses et physics... and there are better aimers than him

i think i played few times against him, nothing special tbh...
how the hell does he abuse et physics???
body shots are overpowerd compared to headshots... he does body mostly which, with his 50% accuracy, are deadly... also the guy who landed first hit got advantage... its easier to track and hit body than head and he does it too...

anyway, why am i talking about aiming with busted cheater?
cause ur a nolifeking with a 17-day-old account and u are from poland? :D he's the best aimer without any doubt, who gives a fuck if he shoots bodyshots jesus, ur just a jealous little newbie
cheaters are not allowed to call anyone newbies... and ust face it - hes good, not the best... fuck beltard pride
show me ur real nick then highskiller :>

mAus is better. I mean, mystic was the best at his time, but mAus is simply better.
Well... a few years ago I never thought I would say this, but Killerboy you have made the most intelligent comment in this entire thread.
Sick frags. Bad editing.

Meh... Seriously, before doing anything, could you people check that you've turned AA and Anisotropic Filtering to maximum value? It's hard to describe how annoying it is when you fuck up things such as previously mentioned, especially when using this kinds of frags and then basically ruining them.

To be honest i didnt expect the quality to be the way it was, i worked on a pentium 4 with 1GB of ram + ATI X300. it took a lot of time to render each avi file plus the editing part was a totally pain in the ass on that rig, but still i used AA but seems like ATI drivers are quite unstable cause it failed a couple of times just figured that everytime i turn off the PC it goes to a random value and had to set it back.

Thanks for the comment!
frags are simple as expected jaw dropping :) music is a question of taste as always and editing and grafics are above average - very well done - i think mAus would deserve more than one movie to give him justice in my opinion :)
good frags but many backshouts on many actions
Liked it!
amazing frags as expected, and good that you kept it pretty simple so frags were really enjoyable
nothing special
lugerkill on reload was sick, rest was just good ;)
About the bacrape discussion, I myself enjoy watching frags made from a disadvantage the most, to me thats what aim-skill is about.

This movie still had more than a few of those moments in it, but it DOES have alot of those rape/surprise moments. Yes, they are performed to perfection and yes, great positioning, that doesn't mean they are still made from an advantageous position and thus to some people less impressive.

Still decent movie and a few amazing frags.
Getting the advantage also requires skill, so in a way that also makes it impressive if you wish to see it.

Though I agree that disadvantage frags are more spectacular.
you didnt do shit
i helped him with shoutcasts + demos. :D
ok nvm then, blazer is mean :<
<33333333333 I miss you, bitchy.
XD one link is considered help
awesome frags 10
average editing, a bit too slow sometimes 6
music ok 7
creativity, nothing special 5
quality, a bit dark sometimes, and too much glow, it missed some awesome colors 6

cant watch 720p :( laggs too much
mm expected better :<
no we didnt :D

get the joke? :D

mm = masculine mans
4/5/7/7 , pretty damn average in every way

editing - almost no cams at all, not bad sync, default vegas effects
creativity- same
frags- some were really good, but half of them looked like its medicore ec player shooting
quality- not too bad, tho make sure you turn your AA on and add some decent color correction afterwards

an excellent example how players` nickname can carry a movie
reminded me of myself in 2008 :q
If those frags are mediocre then the frags of every single ET movie ever made were beyond horrible.
He's right, the side rape and backshooting makes boring movie. What I would of like to have seen is him 5man them all shooting at him. This happens a few times with skilled players.

Also being fair and honest, not saying I'm better but he doesn't even track with his arm. He moves left and right to aim at them, which is what you do when playing nub public.

Without knowing who was playing you could say he was a standard player with little aiming experience.

honest opinion.
Maybe it's honest, but your opinion is still pure crap.
I doubt there is any 5 man frag where you're beeing shooted at and you kill em all.l
You're a better player tbh :P.
there is a reason amenti were the best team in et since maus joined and thats because he just consistently fucking owns everyone. this movie showed you how he does it, end of story D:
You're a better player tbh :P.
You're a better player tbh :P.
he nichtrijder wanneer pak jij die muis van je weer eens beet en ga je wat mensen online abuse :D!
ben je al beter geworden???
rofl nhe denk nog 2x zo slecht :PPP maar dat maakt het er niet minder op hahah
maar hoe is die muis van jouw is dat wat of werkt dat niet op mensen met een hoog tbh gehalte?
wtf is wrong with moving left and right? he cant just stand there and easily get hit lol...btw the music and music sync was very bad but still though kinda nice frags. lets just say its an "aim" movie not a rambo movie lol.
Are you that Bozar guy with fake nick ?
nonix u talking to me? who is bozar
i dont mean all of them, but a really big part (n1ce frags for example, and many more) are just backrape/siderape/usedbefore, which just doesnt fit a top-tier et player profile
\:D/ mAus
Your headshots are incredible
comparing to ashkan or samael's things its kinda noobish fm. I dont mean frags which are very nice.
missed some more sync, but who needs that when you got such frags :)
really nice frags..
the quality was nice, too
but.. in some ways the movie was laggy and the cams were all laggy
nice movie i laik
fking hs only!
maus slayed dem bitches
he fucking aims like an aimbot unbelievable!!
further nice movie i enjoyed only music could be better or you would better not use any.Why does movie makers abuse the music this much ? im never gonna understand :s
yes well not everybody likes to listen to crap from Rihanna or techno shit... good attidute music can give the viewer an ammount of adrenaline watching the movie.
enjoyed the movie.
Editing, quality, music wasn't top notch but the content is the most important thing and I enjoyed it so thumbs up!
quite ok movie, tho music was awful, need earbleach



Je m'attendais à mieux venant d'un t'elle joueur ! les frags son bof pas trop d'action vraiment dommage... 6/10
Name of the songs? cant find em in descriptions, neither at the end of the vid :(
Song's name you find in movie at right-down corner (When they begin). :P
wtf? thx :>
amazing aim & frags, good solid movie 8.5/10
sick frags..
Good job, sick frag on reload with the luger... =)
waar zie jij die frag dan? Ik zie um niet :S
radar, bulldozer heet ie :)
ah vandaar :D

edit: die was idd wel grappig :P
i love how everybody is whining about backrape, but still none of us could do what he does.
i bet you could with 130 ping :D?
Yes learn to read, Did i mention i could? no.
but i bet you could
maus is sick aimer :o 10/10
whats ure 1rst movie then?
enjoyed the movie!
david, maybe you beter used your highquality r&b underground muisc :D , some nice headshots at jason derulo ? :D Noo badwords about ur music aight.
But as you say; the music is not realy your taste. But it doesnt mather. Your skills & headshots make you forget the bad music :D

Goood work mister number one Skillzor playboy ;D
nice fail at 1:33, he only hit once with that colt..
nice nerding the movie
Nice frags, but not the best tracking I've seen. Still his headshot ratio is prolly one of the best in the game.

Great content and fine editing, still I was expecting a bit more him being maus and all
mAus <3

btw the first link is dead :(
can you give download mirror instead of stream?
U__ U
need download mirror
frags are good, but i guess you could have chosen better ones
+ next time more sync and editing/effects please
As much as I hate him, beast player.
Haters gonna hate
Does it alert you when someone comments?
No really, i was around and saw that you posted recently :P
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