Codec x264 / FAAC Filesize 267.00 MiB Length 541

Woody and nothing more

Woody and Nothing More

Frags performed by Netherlands Woody
Created and edited by Poland requem

Movie information

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 5:41 mins
Size: 267 MB
Ratio: 47 MB / min
Codecs: x264 / FAAC
Container: mp4
Framerate: 30 FPS

You can choose 2 audiotracks in your player
(With and without hitsounds)

Programs used

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Ultraviolet Movie Mod
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Virtual Dub
Sony Vegas
Adobe Photoshop

Music used

Story of The Year - Welcome To Our New War
awesome frags and awesome edit !
i have to say that so far in that sapphire competition hasnt been any ET movie even remotely comparable to this one. Eventhought for me not all fragz were awesome but I liked rly much the cam work. I am not fan of dof but if there should be dof in movies, this is the right way to use it. Quality and colors were also nice, as I said cam work was rly good (and that intro cam was simply awesome). I can imagine this moviemaker to make some memorable (or even legendary) movie for some top player in future. Well done requem
totally agree, but I hope he doesn't get egocentric and only wants to the best of the best players from now on :P Its nice to see the average player can also star in a top movie.
actually I think to make a movie legendary u also need some exceptional player, mAx chapter 3 wouldnt be the same if there wasnt mAx, at least not for me. But thats just me, the better player the more i enjoy the movie :)
I agree, its like "A belgian day", wouldn't be the same without me
you're right, would have been so much better with a good player!!!!
Was just a joke about belgian day, your movie was awesome ;) <3
I don't care about player's fame (After experiences with some Uni Lecturers I don't want be so rude like these people...) . Just want see good frags! =)
yea I know what you mean, but after such a movie you will get PMs from top players :P. So the choice is taking a top player so that your movie will have a better marking cause of the name on it, or take a less known player and risk getting lesser ratings.

Ofcourse movies have to be well edited and nice frags and stuff. but it also needs a name :P
Next project is about two polish players (Cisy and boObje - Promised them before finishing Woody's movie) so we will see what bring the future. ;) And yes I've got spam from some known players there. Maybe in 4th project, when I will have motivation yet something will change...
his next project is a fragmovie by 2 polish players, i think bo0bje and cisy :)
since cisy is my friend that doesnt bother me at all :))
;*** Filus <3
Really nice movie. :)

But is there something wrong with ftp link?

"530 Login authentication failed" (and yes, I did enter login and pass correctly.)
oh eh, im not really good wtih ftps ;(
wow great work with cams woody and sick frags! big compliment you did a really good work here
nice movie :D
nice movie man really, gj!
great job requemm8 <33
nice cams

pitty that 90% of frags were boring rape/siderape/people not shooting :(
a pretty movie you got there, really nice work but didnt really liked the music.

The dof is really impressive, not like those movie were they put it from the beginning to then end with same intensity

Anyway you killed me , so your movie deserve a 10 with the content
pretty sick movie. also woody is not an avarage player(hint: he's awesome) :)
+ Cams
+ Intro
+ Certrain frags
+ Duration

- Standard fragmovie song
- Hitsounds weren't loud enough imo
- Lots and lots of rape
- Couple of useless frags

Not bad.
Pretty solid movie.

Nice and short which is good!! Music isn't really my taste but there's some good sync and ideas anyway. :)

Some cams are good and some are not so good.

Slow-motion doesn't look that nice and I think the dof is too much.

Config could've been better also.
nice statement ;)
gj nice movie !
nice movie, keep on working next projects
Very nice movie
As far as i'm concerned it was the best intro in a ETmovie for a while. Your editing work is amazing and you mastered the movie from the start to the end.

Music was nice even if it's kinda boring at the end =D
Fast editing is always nice to watch when it's propertly done.

I liked the cams, and the atmosphere.
Colors were pretty ok but nothing exceptional

Your movie? .. where can i find this 'good stuff'?


Quote by Ki2sNEXT TO ME, english dictionary, means 'in my opinion'

who is Woody?

Nice movie btw ^^
Dont remember stuff before 09 due to cf crash :d ???
yeah, most pocals/achievements/funny quotes etc :(
oh lol, I thought you had an accident and couldn't remember anything :D
Really nice movie woody nice frags also :)
Great movie mate ;)
nice movie, thnaks for shoutout :P
Great movie, unless something better comes then this will get my vote!

Some of the cams were abit off(action outside the frame :/) but intro outro frags were awesome. I knew when I saw Woody making that frag vs Dignitas on CiC7 he would put it in a movie someday!

Looking forward to other projects from this maker!
really nice
Hope you will find other decent moviemaker. GL!

started downloading.

<editing after>
really good movie
great movie, some frags were very nice, but i didn't like the mix-frags :P

still, great work by the moviemaker and nice frags Woody :)
fucking hard to keep track of whats going on because of CHOPPING THE SCENES! Otherwise nice movie, hitsounds were bit too quiet.

Quote- Standard fragmovie song
nice movie
Excellent movie, well done by requem
good job, cool cams!
nice movie, deserve a top 5 in this contest
great movie really enjoyed it. but not my cup of tea when it comes to music :P. good moviemaker though!
Really nice movie.

Editing was so good that I didn't even notice the frags.

As already been said - you have potential to make a "legendary" movie. Too bad that there aren't many "legendary" players who don't have their own fragmovie, thus there aren't many sick frags which weren't published yet... Mmm something like Fragarea would be awesome...

P.S. That first frag in this movie reminds me some other movie.
really awesome movie (10/10/10/10)
Awesome movie dude :).One of the best movie on ET :).
Loved the cam work in the beginning although i do think they kinda got a bit worse as the movie went on, some nice frags Woody mate :)
Music wasnt that great for me but there was some nice sync.

Lied the colours and quality but at some points maybe a bit too much dof was used.

overall a nice movie, gj :)
oh shit, really an awesome movie
just great :-)
One word:

rly nice movie. gj
Lovely, music wasn't my taste and some too many of the frags involved nobody shooting back (although still, nice aim..), but overall really liked it.
enjoyed it all, especially the cams
not bad, still not a winner. i would've wanted to see somee pro-player suiting the good moviemaking though :(
Quite alot "questionable frags". Rly well editet which made average (less) frags look good (which I think every decent player would have in store)

Not bad anyways but I didnt frags since actions could have been much over 20sec long which where edited to look like 5sec spree...
Really innovative movie, liked the frags, music was okay and the quality was impressive. Editing was also excellent

Hitsounds were abit to low, would of been great if they were louder and quite alot of the frags were pretty much backrape.
i didnt like some things but its still the best movie i saw in a while! gj
some cams make me dizzy
realy nice movie, a crazy work OMG :D
nice Movie but too much editing and cams all in all good work and great quality :)
intro was far better than the further part, shame you didnt manage to keep up the pace
amazing editting but something was off.

i think you tried to put in too many random frags, used the wrong music and did something wrong with the colours.

other than that i really liked the editting and some of the frags.

very nice editing, music is just boring in the end but the movie still good ;)
Not one of the best movie in ET but i'm waiitng ur next movie and maybe... :)

I need the phaloid's comment :D

Didn't expect comments like that... :O

Thanks to all people who give me here feedback for the future. =) I'm not going to quit from moviemaking (Already got project with 2 players). For my next movie you've to wait veeeeeery long time. ;)

About music. This song haunted me in Winter exams and I've noticed potential to synchronization (Maybe some part were overedited and some weren't edited properly - Strange to say when I didn't use advanced effects. :D). In next project I'll pick other music style (Hopefully, non-used before.)

Hope tek-9 jury will have normal people and not like CoD fanboys whose judge only game... =D

Once again thanks. <3
closed after frag vs fais

+ faggotshit13yearoldpubertygirlsmusic
nice work :) the intro cams were very nice
very nice movie! :o

didnt like the music tho..
nice movie, watch out for freecam crosshairs ;) (3:52)
couldnt really enjoy this movie for some reason
Very NICE!
Leuk woody! Had eigenlijk wel trance verwacht maar oke :D gr
Sick camtrace work!! very nice movie 10/10
Really enjoyed this movie. Only let down is on a lot of the frags you are playing clearly a skill level below yours which is why you are dominating. But awesome job
Im actually not that good, as my pc offers 80 fps at best on most maps.. Hence my "backrape"-gamestyle :(
nice movie! :) liked it!
nice movie ! <3 u woody !
Fucking nice movie fuck bitch fuck!
image: e13qcp

nice movie! :D
amazing movie well done! 10/10

*e* need another upload not getting decent from MU for some reason :(
woody, most underrated player in the et scene, i love him !

one of the best movies ever!
amazing from A to Z. (music is not my taste tho)
jeny, zapomnialem dodac swoje pare groszy, a movie przeciez jako jeden z pierwszych zobaczylem. tak zeby nie zanudzac: movie bajka, najlepsza realizacja camsow w jakimkolwiek movie kiedykolwiek! naprawde bardzo kreatywna produkcja.

"chcemy wiecej" i dzieki za shouta : )
Really amazed by the intro, it was quite impressive tbh. I got the feelings the rest of the movie was off, because the intro is synced with the music and you can directly notice that when you watch, but the frags are sync most of the time with the lyrics and it feels a bit weird.
Awesome works with freecam, keep it up.
Try to work on your 2d graphic, sequence @ 02:54 was kinda cheap.
Nice colours & quality, dof was used correctly except a few sequences.
Frags were good some of them should not have been included.
Music choice feels overused, but you are almost the only one to edit correctly on this style of song, so thumbs up for that.

Overall a really good movie, 8/10 :)
Looking forward to your next one.
Really liked the quality and overall editing (except for some boring text-edits & splitscreens), most frags were rather boring though and I hated the music.
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