Codec H264 Filesize 245.00 MiB Length 06:46

Kimi Fragmovie

Except unknown enemies blasted by spam frags and a lot of cams.

Moby - Porcelain
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Software: Image-ET, Camtrace3D, VirtualDub, Sony Vegas, IrfanView, Adobe Photoshop + Image Ready, MeGui

Download: new better quality

Stream: new better quality
EDIT: I got bad render seetings in vegas so i decided to rerender and mux it again and upload
nice cams,some unusual frags and pretty good synchro
8/10 for no shoutout :)
wild pokemon called spam

can I catch it?
only with masterball
kinda liked it :~>
omfg, use better music and not shit like this what has been used for 9000 times already
Haven't heard that music before in fragmovies? Which ones include that track, can you name some?
cba to look for them but like in 10 cod4 movies atleast.
COD movies care?!?!?!?!?
Lovely cams, good sync at some points, only those vertical lines sucked
dunno..i just used blitz's seetings for megui
:/ too bad, if you can compress it again with a better config, do it and upload it of course!
i watched also .avi and there were also those lines dunno why maybe using huffyuv isnt such good idea...but i wont record all scenes again, no way :D
Well if it was megui related it wouldn't take that long to do but you're right rerecording everything would insane :)
lolol kinda liked it!
Even if the frags are not against top or good players, it was enjoyable.
The sync/edit is not the best ever, but it's better than majority of et movie. Good cams n stuff, too much spamm frags but who cares right? :)

I enjoyed.
could be much better with that music :D

but it was nice ;)
to improve: cfg, no more used songs plz
enjoyed: creative playstyle = nice frags, nice cameras, nice sync
sucks: 50% of the opponents were mixeds and the other 50% were unknowns

making that kinda frags versus known teams that know how to play would've been impossible

liked cams, song

u can improve the quality & popups ( show only ur frags ) and put frags against tagged team :p

9 9 7 7
dude this is how all movies should be made! really enjoyed this movie and nice pick of music :)
Some really lovely camtrace, would be nice if the frags were vs better and more tagged up teams. But nevertheless it was still enjoyable :)
gut cams
nite attempt at cams, but unfortunately they were not the least smooth.
also, weak aim
nice cams, bad content
the cam work was really nice ^^ enjoyed it
very nice
decent, 3.19 was pretty good :D
this is better than MOST RETarted MOvie Ever by Kamz...
kinda liked it
+cams (even if I think you should've done slower cams @ the end of the movie and sync them more bcuz of the slow music)

+/- quality nothing special
+/- colors
+/- music (perhabs it would be nicer w/o vocals. but I think it's a nice idea with that slow kind of music)

- no intro (not a must have)
- content vs mixed teams (do not care about the "the other 50% were unknown" like blindi said. if u present the frags nicely,then it doesn't care (for me))

overall 6.5-7.0/10

keep the good work up!
Although I didn't know one single opponent you killed, I liked it! Nice cams and some nice syncing, well done!
nice cams but movie is not smooth has fps lagg.
nice cam work and good sync at some points
improve config & quality next time
in general, its rly decent movie, especially considering your moviemaking experience. Nice cam work, nice trying to sync it, not annying music (and shoutout, kinda didnt expect that :P ). On the other hand quality could be better (config seems to be boring, there is also some kind of interlacing or smth), non-tagged opponent and lack of smg fragz (well, cant blame you for that).
Keep it up :)
nice cams & song.
really well thought out and considered effort, very enjoyable. Much more enjoyable than that 20min euro community snooze fest.
Quality could be better then it was a great movie.
Just watched the movie and i am really proud of you. I liked the music and the flow, and gave me a good feeling.
now i am off to bed but gonna watch it again.

-2 much panza/strike/nade frags
- not enough smg frags and those were missing hitsounds
- rlly nice cams!
enjoyed it more than a lot of other movies made by "famous" moviemakers, was really nice, good job
rly liked even if i dont know you , well done :--)
panzer frags always +1
3mn19 just awesome !
Why the fuck not?
Ten gold, 1:48 cca je nádherne urobený ;)

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