Codec x264 Length 305

Suspension of Disbelief

It's here, my last Call of duty 4 movie, after sitting on my pc for almost a year, revamping a whole fragpart 3 times due to songs getting overused (this is what you get for letting it sit for so long).
I'm glad I found the time to finish it as I would hate to let it go to waste, and it gives sort of closure.

Visuals by me, audio editing by REDROSID


katha [ | ]
kalaboKK [ ]

Thank you, to so many people I can't even name.

by katha

1. The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream

2. The Birthday Massacre - Control

3. Shiny Toy Guns - If I Lost You
can't say anything other than, fucking amazing.
Fucking amazing
amazing :)
hehe :P
shit game
this guy roxxxxxxx, so amazing as always :)
good use of the song in 28 days later :)
Elad's movies are the only ones who truly deserve 10/10/10/10
more like editing fest for me than real fragmovie... :/
Way too over edited - you cant see the frags just like most cod4 movies. At real speed they all just look like self busts and most cod4 films are just effect reels rather than actual frag movies
imo there's a huge difference between this and really overedited movies, just like 3n1gm4 does. You still can see the frags good and whats happening around the player, unlike the movies where every kill is followed by a huge flare and explosion sounds :/
it's amazing what some people can do with tech at their hands
wtf ?:D ! great 10/10/10/10
this is awsome :OOO !!!! I agree withh Yossarian. ;] gj 10/10/10/10/10
wow... just wow
more 3d effects than frags
creativity 9
editing 9
content 7
quality 9
download link and soundtrack list added guys, enjoy :)
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