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Frags Are Irreversible II

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Songs used:
Dead by sunrise - End of the world
Last time - Sendman (
Borderlands OST - Mad Moxxxi Arena Music
gj !
just paused to put 720p

that fire xDDDDDD please
not impressed
well.. The colors were... I didnt like them at all :D
Cink, cink, cink..

Nice movie, enjoyed.

like said t4mjee - GJ
+ frags

- avi+mp3
- colors (luminance way too high ...)
- font
- quali
more like greenclon the invisible

anyway, I liked the headshots!
Could have been really good but cfg isn't nice. Frags were very nice tho.
nice headshots
+ decent content
+ nice headshoots

+/- quality, watched on youtube so can't really tell

- a little too bright
- font killed it for me :/
- though music isn't that big of a factor for me, i still think it should of been louder
- a few weird effects?? eg. the one on 1:46, the hell was that? :D

I 'spose it's an ordinary fragmovie which you didn't put much effort in, but i still enjoyed it.

5.3/10 :P
nice frags rest sux :P
wth at the popup at 0:33 on the left upside that you killed silent at?
need a medic
really nice movie :)) nice headshots man
nice movie, nice hs + frags :)

the colors could be a bit better though :/
don't fuck with the green clon alright!
damn nice headshots :> !
too bright /:

sicko hs all the time :D
nice movie :)
Not gonna watch, because I am bored of the game atm., but you deserve a little gz, because of Dead by Sunrise
Eye cancer:/
Good frags tho
Lots of average 3man frags :/
- intro, good idea but all in all looked horrible :S
- glow, too much
- dark, too much
- quality, ten times worse than your last movie, wtf did you do? :(
- "you killed" popup, not readable and way too high
- popups aren't visible when behind white/glow (add a black copy of the popup behind it next time)
- colors
+ frags, nice headshots
- effects, saw only "one" at 1:44...
- external added crosshair is a good idea, but remember to put it off if there's no ingame action
- no music sync
-wtf at last action vs Rockit? :O(
- outro

all in all it doesnt seem like you really put effort in it, too bad, enjoyed frags are irreversilbe 1 :/
interesting, most of people said its too bright, you say its too dark?
also you might count as "effect" at 5:10 or smth, slowmo + color stuff :D

yes, I am aware of few bugs (as is putting xhair off one "popup" out of sync and text being visible) but unfortunately when I realized (after rendering), I could not force myself to rerender and recompress. takes fucking too much time. so yes, it is pretty much my fault I know about.
@ FAI1 I didnt like quali at all, because I had bluriness there, so I wanted some change. and that change met problem - settings of screens. I guess I have it set pretty different to other ppl, because at my screen it - from what people say - looks very different to what they see.
I love glow effect :(

anyway,thanks for review
it's not too dark nor too bright imo, the contrast is just too high
as IceQ already said, its the contrast, which means that the dark spots are too dark and the bright spots are too bright, I just didnt write it correctly, sorry.
stopped after few frags, Im not going to watch another talentless lagger
HAVE MERCY ON ME clip, where u kill s1lent, it says "killed by green_clon mp40..."

imo its luger.
Good work almost made me play the game again. Could have left out some "frags" but most of them were actually worth to be shown. Great job and its good that you kept it simple instead of using tons of effects and what not.
really nice!
Its like, 20 fps? atleast it feels like it is.
where are the frags against target? :p
enjoyed it, like I said u before, mate
with a good moviemaker that clip would be awesome :X
Where to find good moviemakers that want to make a movie?!
kamz iz ur man, pay him n u r done!
Kamz is your man but you need € :D
Well "my" moviemaker got atm 2 projects, his own movie and then my third but im sure if you got nice frags he would do yours as 3rd..
thanks you. I guess that next time I will do it this way
well.. are you/will you be avi? :o)
im not good moviemaker
to be honest, its me who decide this :p
nice frags
i assume that the movie includes awesome frags, but i closed it after 10 seconds, that cfg burns my eyes.
Config reminds me Just Wiesiek 2 & 2 in 1 2.
i got a feeling that you were lagging even in your fragmovie :D
nice frags. nice headshots! popups are too big? but overall I like it;)
bursty smg
nice frags m8 :)
pretty awesome greenie m8 <3 + milhaus's "voice" in it :DD

QuoteThanks for wathing
Smiled a bit at the end with that. Dropped your 10 on editing though...
Lol'd at the bluirubiirui effect, now that's creativity.
For content, 10. Awesome frags.
Didn't enjoyed the popups, and as people stated before, it's really bright!
Didn't like it, closed at second part (3 min).

CFG was too bright, music was not entertaining at all. No editing at all except popups. Hitsounds enabled all the time but there is a lot of bodyshoots. And the important point, demos were terrible, you had multikills only against low hp enemies or opponents that are fragging your mates and not you. Doing 6 hs on 3 ppl that are not looking at you and not even strafing or crouching doesn't mean your frag is spectacular. Only 2-3 movie worthy actions like the one on supply when you stoped the truck).

How the fuck can you all say awesome frags ? Look at CrozZ Expansion Pack, mAx Chapter 3 or Tsu - Nothing to see what is we would truly call real frags".
Well, since ET was 5o5 for over 1,5 year you cant expect spectaculair frags like that.

now its 6o6 again you can expect some.
Your argument is invalid since some movies had great frags and were based on 3v3 demos.
you werent refering to any 3o3 movies, the only one i know was TWK unmasked, where the frags were mainly 1-3 man kills. and you were complaining about the movieworthy of the frags. I think they are, they are fast, with much hs & vs skilled opponents.
it's not the first time I'm having a debate with you and you still read only what you want. nvm.
Wish I had seen those frags at LAN. Suppose its a lot harder for you to do when people can actually hit you. :]
as I already stated many times, I am playing better on lan - because of no warp shit annoying me. I had some pretty nice actions on lan too - there are some in my first movie.
he's just teasing^^

was actually nice to watch imo (but at some points you REALLY can see you warping xD) :)
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