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Lazio&Griim - Can't Stop

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It's really hard to write something from the top of my head. Well, first of all, I'd really like to thank Portugalag0n, PolandsamAel and Anonymousdrj3w for feedback and help with some things that I just couldn't figure out myself. I wanted to go a little bit further with this one - bring some of the CoD/CSS editing atmosphere here. Did I succeed? I'll let you decide yourself: ) Huge thanks for Lazio & Griim for providing me with such outstanding frags.


I am pleased that Griim and I managed to find such a dedicated and talented moviemaker.
After playing this game for several years together with Dave I thought that this way a nice way to recap the fun moments we had.
Huge thanks goes out to Spankie for making this possible. - Lazio

QuoteFragmovies for me are as much about entertainment as the encapsulation of memories over an era of gaming.
I'm glad this movie contains material for the multiple teams & names me & Lazio have played under. This reminds me of all those good times I've had playing ET.
I particularly enjoyed the subtleties in the editing of this movie and wish Spankie the best in his media career. - United KingdomGriim
big editing, enjoyed

pendulum is awesome but too repetitive on this track, so its boring

some frags are nice, not a lot of hitsounds :l

too much frags as "backrape" & "noone is shooting to you" ( thats less amazing )
Really nice work :)
nice movie, nice frags
nice rape on radar vs the almighty [*EU*] Lazio! I also saw bigbeats/dave in there somewhere! nice movie bois!
Saw some guy crouched without moving, knew right away that was me getting fragged. At least it wasn't Lazio pistolling me, that would've been quite bad.

Really good movie and some nice frags from the olden days when ET wasn't so death. Very enjoyable.

e: New Crossfire is still a mystery to me so I just posted this twice.
Amazing edit, sick frags, Nice work :)
I usually don't like fragmovies without hitsounds, but I have to admit this is some fucking exceptional good shit there!
9.5/10 from me.
every project is better than the previous one, looking forward to your next movie spankie :))

the frags were pretty good, even Lazio was able to provide good frag !
LoL ! Movie of the year,

spankie, you are best moviemaker in ET
Lazio's frags are a bit better than Griim's, but the whole movie was very enjoyable. I liked the bass animation on the right. You should have left out the frags where you backrape a lot or where there is a lot of crossfire. Those frags are not impressive, but the rest was really great :]

I'm sure it took a lot of time and effort to finish this movie, but something was missing.

- no hitsounds
+ cams
+ music (second song has been used before?)
+ editing (a bit over edited, but ok)
+ quality
+/- frags

Overall 4.5
Well done :)
really enjoyable, gj spankie

dont like only this ironsight thing
great work!
I love this Fragmovie, thanks for making :)
Really good editing a little too much for my taste (Often I spend more attention to the editing than to the frags) but whatever. I really liked those iron sight scenes, looked cool ~
The syncing on the first track was really well executed while it always felt a little off for me on the second one.
And oh yeah... Pendulum, really?
the only thing i like more than listening to Pendulum is watching lazio play ET.
every time you release a new movie I am never disappointed with the contents! :D really well made and I like that you're able to use your creativity so well in ET movies, most people who try just can't do it right but yours is great. nothing that blocks view of frags / distorts shit, I can see everything I want to with the addition of interesting editing. cams & such were awesome but the only negative things I noticed is the colours (weirdly bright on floors and walls sometimes with the lights, too shiny formy liking). frags were really good and the syncing with frags was even better executed.

overall really good job (..again!)
overall a enjoyable movie.. nice frags, nice sync, nice cams! But I didnt like the first song (for a fm), the overedit in that song, the quality and the glowing effects.. still 3.8/5 for me! gj, keep it up
nice guys <3 :)
I always appreciated your work, but this... I got no idea how to describe it

you put a shitload of effort, great songs and nice frags into it, but the outcome was an absolutely overedited crap. I got some of them demos on my HD as well so I know that a lot of frags (for example the 4man rg + 1 riflefrag vs atoon) are too entertaining with the sudden rambo jumps and more to simply be put in a quickmotion. And you made scenes with a lot of hits/headshots look like usual 40 hp kills. There were almost no scenes without any quickmotions/slowmotions/moving killfeeds etc. It's just my personal opinion but I don't find that this style of editing fits to ET at all, and even for games such as cod4 it would be too much of envelopes and co. Pretty much ruined the movie completely eventhough I found those animated texts during the maps quite nice. And also the colors looked everything else than powerfull and great imo
starring dave so 2/10
Lazio prolly makes up for it so 7/10
amazing movie! :O
gooooooooooood job spankie
sick movie!
had to mute the first song, and the next song is so overused. other than that it was nicely done
love this shit
To bad movies like this do not get released that often. Sick movie, well done Grim and Lazio
FUCK YOU for using a music from Souvenir by Ganon :
it's even on HAYAATI fragmovie :D
now this is a movie! Glad to see a good aimer again instead of random niggers playing vs med skilled. enjoyed it.
Gud movie
This is absolutely fantastic movie. Nice frags nice editing absolutely great colors and very good moviemaker! Community should thank spankie for his dedication towards ET as a moviemaker! and great from lazio and griim also!
liked it :P laziohomo :)
nice editing. But the music was kinda boring imo
absolute is better :D but this is nice video. well done
wow just wow

another astonishing fragmovie.
how did u get that look on frostbite ?
and why couldnt u use same "sight aiming" on luger like u did for mp40 ?

btw nice countdown :D
Just because it looked absolutely shit ; ) same with thompson!

This look@frostbite is all Magic Bullet Looks
Nice watch :)

Hi guys;)
nice one Laziali ;)
best because dave and lazio but this isn't the best movie ever, lacks of a story, u got the editing skillz tho.

bigbeats material approved
No Dave Fragmovie possible without (((BIGBEATS))) so a 7/10 to start with... Secondly, music is also BIGBEATS approved which makes a 9/10.

Great movie, to bad it also features alekz
content was pretty good, editing....well it was pretty cool, but at the same time I kinda dislike it.
Link crossfire on the youtube description
Content was nice but no awesome moments - could have used griim save @ NC with shoutcast for instance, those scenes are much nicer to watch imo.

Editing was great but seemed quite over edited - freecam rifle shots dont always give the best impression imo - like to see where he shoots it from etc too :D

Overall was good.
I loved this movie, but needed hitsounds.
Lazio with that rifle, oh baby :DDDD
Grim with those 4 man panzers and luger frags :DD

Very nice boys!
its too much for me, can't watch the whole thing :(

good frags though

Nice i liked it :)
movie seems to be edited well.. but I hate the music.
awsome !!! :) Filip Gratuluje ;)
The first part is so enjoyable that even my gf watched it! Nice work! :)
good shit
RIP dave, ET legend

EDIT: watched it, pretty good. But I hate smg frags without hitsounds. Especially if they are made by someone who knows how to aim, does not compute!
Good job man
shit movie, hitsounds are a must
sup with the enigmaintro?:XD
Wow, just wow. Amazing job, I actually didn't mind the frags without hitsounds (nostalgia for the older days, I guess :-)).
and again, overused song, you are very good editor but man choose orginal songs..
Awesome work bro!

You must teach me.
'rifle nade'
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Great quality, although not very clean
Liked the special effects a lot, definitely a lot of work went into this. Yet I think for a fragmovie, the frags themselves weren't really clear to me. You can't differentiate between easy frags and really awesome frags.

The music is cool (a tad overused), and greatly synced. Well done!