Codec lagarith Filesize 619.00 MiB Length 11:07

Artifexx - Animus vox

Hey there,

My first selfmade fragmovie
Hope you like it


Music used:
Glitch mob - Animus vox
Glitch mob - We can make the world stop
Enigma Dubz - Hard to smile
:) is nice but way too big
nice movie :) lekkere frags hoor
Good music, good quality, some quite nice frags, and nice editing (although I didn't quite like the blurry effects in some of the frags, as I prefer the raw footage of how they happened).
Extraordinary for a first selfmade fragmovie.
Keep them coming mate.
so f*cking liked it !
Quality sounds etc.

BTW what's the song ? awesome !
tu sais pas lire gros con?
>Ils étaient pas marqué trou d'cul
me @ 3:17 :D
awesome movie <3
Enjoyed it!

Atleast you put some effort there :P
when ppl will learn NOT TO download music from youtube rotfl

cannot watch coz of it, cant u hear it or what -_-
very much enjoyed
true lost soldier player !
no shoutout to you lol :P
he be hating on me :P
movie was made and finnished before he joined the team :<
music quality is just bad :D..otherwise super movie :D
i know, but still it is bad quality
music wasnt used by nonix/filus/dabster already? had to close it coz youtube is so long to charge :c

+antialiasing looked like so ugly, the frags i have seen were not amazing
watch the full movie for the frags :D
too bad about your antialiasing

pretty good editing and nice frags (obviously, you managed to kill me twice in a couple of seconds)
I actually enjoyed these 11 minutes and 8 seconds. I didnt like the 2000p ET though, 720 is fine;p
wasn't the worst for a first movie, who helped you (if anyone did :d)?

anyways enjoyed some frags but the quality of the ingame sounds were terrible!
highway helped me with basics from camtrace
rest i figured out myself.
and yes, sound aint good :-) ill think about it if there will be a second movie
just wrong settings, because the download link for the song I gave you was 320.. and wasnt bad on my sound though :P
rjto? it rito bro xD nah well done good lad goood rifle lovely movie <3
artiii <3
beest dat je bent
missile sky is soooo bad :c

anyway rito told me to watch movie, started off with some potential despite poor cam work but had a boring feel to it in general, decent for first movie though i guess
Great movie, somehow the feel of the footage reminded me of Tiigeri's Another Tigger Behind The Trigger which I liked. Just hate this kind of music in ET movies... Great movie for a first tho
Great choice of soundtrack.
Nice job, had an oldschool movie vibe but in a good way. :)
Great stuff. Those 4 man riflenades made me a bit jealous. :D
really liked it :) nice job mate !
love the music, glitch mob ftw
great movie artifexmate<3
enjoyable movie, nicely done. last 3 frags are by far the best :~D
Looks very good but please give me a download link as the youtube fucks up the quality. Why is the music distorted from 3:10 onwards?

I really like the sync to music editing style. It's really all that an enjoyable fragmovie needs.'

e: The second song didn't have that a good flow.
liked.. didnt expect anything other from u, u pwner rifle :D<3
really poor sound quality (maybe just a youtube problem, but happens in first movies)
otherwise it was really nice, especially the synchronizing!
general pro-tips: use anti-aliasing and keep your intro/outro short (proportional to your movie's length) - >2 minutes for an 11-minute movie is too much
ty. usefull comment
youtube makes the qualy real bad :(
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