Codec potato Length 03:25


Just adding old stuff, made by myself, 2006/2007 I think. Quality is quite bad, frags are quite, but I still like the song.
Resolution, I...

image: aiwendel+I+_dcdbc20a9ea642e1bd687893088fb7b0
Give it a break, it was done with a potato, 4-5 years ago... :/

Edit, 6.
is that you seareal?
i would get a ban for that, too much owning not allowed on crossfire dot nou
The codec and quality dont seem that bad just the config and framerate. And resolution is understandable.
Dat quality. -_-
thomm so sexy
thanks i was looking for this movie for years already, my dream finally come true
thomm best rifle _EVER_
nice potato
you've become old and slow :(
2007 ? didnt even know theres smth like ET :D
+1000000 just because Finland Thomm
highskilled movie.
u made a point with the song. I m sure a lot of frag movies I enjoy cause of the music and not as much cause of the frags
5/5/5/5 because u put ur love inside

best movie ever
Best movie, good tags (wsk)
Ja se purki sen dynamiitin.... 0/5
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