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The last rtcw movie 2

Please turn on 1080P and let it load a bit.
This it the follow up on my video "Thelastrtcwmovie".
When i made the first i had already stopped playing and i knew i was not gonna be playing any more (i can barely play any computer games due to an illness in my hand) so for me that was the end and the reason i named it like that.

Now several years later, my friend Kris told me about this upcoming rtcw cup and i started watching old demos for fun and decided that i wanted to try and make a new movie. I have tried to make the clips fast and as entertaining as possible so don't be scared of the relaxing piano intro;) Hope you guys will like it. RTCW4EVER :) ps: (pictures at the end) - peace out

Very nice, love mp_keep, not seen that for a long time :)
love it :)
very good movie with good music :}
Awesome-sauce at the end mate
loved the old footage!
love that u used beethoven sonata no 14 in intro , imo u should have sticked with classic music for entire video
why so good kris?
Very nice. Illness in hand is RSI? Sad times :(

Good luck with the baby and wife!
Cant watch it from here. Can you add a dl link?
Hey, on top where it says "other" next to youtube is a dl link :) and thanks to the rest for the kind words, means alot to me
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