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This was originally going to have a lot more effort put into it but moving overseas so had to finish asap.
This also messed up not being able to get brandon's demos (our teams only low pinger haha).
Sooo don't expect frags of week kind of stuff but instead sloppy delayed action that is border line clean enough.
Footage v birdz, radd, stable and n0.
We are all from either aus or nz so not known around here but all enjoyed being involved in the cup, even though we were the only team not to get a stream I think!!!! haha. we that bad????
Also crossfire most committed team award haha!! we done like monday mornings 1-3am sometimes.
Also played all matches on usa servers!! even when we had an aus server some teams bitched soo hard about the lag that we put up with know who you are.
Thanks to biggz our captain, always arranging times and doing work.
And warwitch for bringing the game sooo much life back.

bloxin getting it done ;) thanks dude, had a lot of fun and would do it again!
really nice movie mate! Well done :)
Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.


Anyway, was enjoyable movie! :)
Most committed team and then some!

Great efforts all round, for both the video and the games played.

I hope you guys stay in for a long time yet - (and push harder for an Aus server next time...) ;)
Too bad we didn't see any of those games. Looks like there was some action!
Wham bam panzerfaust!
you like? i thought it would all get bashed but i love haha

awolnation. kill your heroes
walk the moon. tightrope
lana del ray. radio
At least I liked it, dunno about others. thx :D
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