Codec Lagarith Length 05:32

Oldriginals by Stuns

Oldriginals by Stuns

Trickjump movie made by Stuns and perfomed by himself.
Enjoy it.
some jumps did really impress me

great job
would be nice to see a trickjumpig FM, I mean to gather best TJ actions and docruns from matches and make a movie that shows how TJ can help in offis.
ask WuT for that m8
nice jumps
magnificent jumps

thats some awesome jumping skillz.
Very impressive :O
really relaxing to watch mate, awesome!
WHAT THE HECK? Sick. TJ never sleep! gj
fucking loved this TJ movie and I enjoy originals alot more than gammas... + I love the fact that he used Chillstep as his music choice. such a underrated music genre
very skilled!
Awesome jumps and awesome quality mixed with very good music. So good it made me actually login after a long time here and post this comment :) simply stunsing <3
xDDDDD cmon bro just say it's because there's your nick at the end :D!!!
awesome !
cool trickjumps, music was good too !
really nice, enjoyed the soundtrack aswell :)

oh and i really miss railgun!
Hadn't listened to 'Oazis' in a long long while, cheers for that :-) good movie!
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