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Swanidius camper 7

Finished this movie despite it has some small mistakes.

All material from 2012.

Mainly frags+mp3
niiiiice :)
niiiiice :)
shit player shit frags not worth watching
i agree with this one.
you just mad coz no feat crittie
not getting fragged here = shit movie
you even lag in movies 8 : ]
rofl @ 0:56 :D owned
why am I always in ur fragmovies...

after the first actual track started, i gave instant 5/5 (Protoculture - Cobalt if somebody wants to know)
intro was a small part of ode to the ocean :PPppp
didnt recognize that :o
Thx for special thanks but I didn't told you much :).
I don't wanna seem like a dick but you could've shortened this to your best frags and made a 3-4 minute decent movie instead of this. This was okay though.
Yea agree. I recorded demos last december and put them into premiere after that lost motivation to finish it. Yesterday i just converted it out and without checking much content :D
song list pls :)
Protoculture - ode to the ocean
Protoculture - Cobalt
ciro visone - first coming ian standerwick remix
Skytech - the other side
swanimovie bestest
despite several frags on seareal and mental, 180 script was detected and the whole movie turned to shit
gj svani :)
Sehän oli viihdyttävää katseltavaa :)
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