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Mr. Kresti #2

Kresti his new movie is out after only 7 days of making & recording.
I didnt put to much time in it, due to his request that it could be simple demo & mp3, but nevertheless I tried to make it somewhat better than demo & mp3, so it is (i.m.o.) insane quality combined with some decent editing.

There is a dloadlink, If you want to see it in full quality, you should download it:)!9x1ARB7b!kSupFEMU9gQBms4MBf9c9Mur4X7tiiX1p0rIq9d5_w8
schönes video mr kresti :)
kresti du hurenssoon
Frags were nice, editing was okay-ish, bit too dark on times
nice video
very nice :)
dat transitions :D
Good. Next time must include trickjump :D
gg nice life
nice frags
did he pay for this one?
nice frags

waste of time for cam
nice movie guys enjoyed it.
Obviously no frags from your time in nordic kresti, because I got all the frags there.
nordic comeback? :3333
too easy :S
Stole them all* :U
not my prob you guys couldn't finish the kill !
I could be wrong, but you don't seem to ever change the 'pitch' setting in camtrace. I recommend you do. Cams with any rotation setting remaining static (pitch, yaw, roll) don't really look very natural.
It was my first actual attempt to make some cams. I never really liked making them so yeah, they are a bit odd.
If you still consider making cameras in your ET movies, here's little hint:
In some cameras blur is a bit ghosty and looks unnatural. It's a common issue with Image-ET and Camtrace because they require different approach in recording. In FPS text filed in Camtrace you shouldn't put movie config FPS but calculate by yourself: img_blur_samples * img_captureFps. e.g. my recording settings:

img_captureFps 90
img_blur_samples 16

Camera FPS = 90 * 16 = 1440 <- this value put into Camtrace
NIce one win-win situation.
damn, i'm mirin
sick frags brah
nice movie
Monster frags. :) There's definitely some flaws in cams and editing but the overall feeling was really cool, and that matters a lot.
nice frags <3
viele noobs..
Enjoyed (:
Kresti beast
pretty nice frags
kresti own3r:D
damn vogelin, hoped I didn't get fragged, but then saw the satchel :(
its okay schnappi dont feel bad.. i killed you but you are still in my heart :)
You're a fuxking machine!!!
nice krest, gj testi
Such a good player
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