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Ultraviolet - Volume I: Principium

Since the release of my previous movie - Requiem - back in January 2010, I have been focusing on graduating, which I did last June, and starting my career. Recently, I decided to dust off my old editing skills and try a little project that would not require me to spend nearly as much time on as my former movies back in the day.

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It seems that there is no longer a vibrant ET moviemaking community, so I thought I would work on some videos to try and reignite some interest, since Enemy Territory is a game with great moviemaking capabilities. This time around, rather than use Sony Vegas, I decided to edit the footage solely in Adobe After Effects in an effort to try and become more familiar with the software, and I am pleased with the results.

Principium is the first of three retrospective short films, and is generally made up of footage from the very early days of Enemy Territory. In this volume, there are no in-eye frags whatsoever, although there will be in-eye frags in at least one other volume. It is not an ‘aiming’ movie, instead showing some spam frags from ET’s early days.

I have tried to improve and build upon my Camtrace3D skills and make something worth watching for everyone. Each film will be short and sweet and as they are all being worked on at the same time, so hopefully there won’t be too long between the releases of each volume.

Visually I have gone for a grittier, less saturated look in order to make it a little more 'filmic' with relation to World War II, rather than the more glossy and colourful style of some of my previous work.

Sadly, with the loss of ClanBase, there are a lot of demos with great material that will never again see the light of day.
First \o/

So i've seen it, it feels like a excellent way to promote the game somehow, and it also feels like a trailer for something "big coming".

Looking forward for the next volumes as always! Cheers
So amazing, genius, beautiful, so short............

The first one (potter's kill) the whole sync with the shoutcast, absolutely brilliant
Amazing work.
great to watch
great stuff
Masterpiece ! Finally smth to watch on crossfire.
Good job
so beautiful :o
fucking great man
really liked the first part with potter
i think it kinda showed the objective to a non et player also
that part in oasis was also nice with darkies panzer
showing how the allies were completely cut off by the axis

really nice
only problem was it was too short :P
good analysis much wow
Amazing work as always!
emotionally,awesome work!
Wow, that was some amazing camwork :)
That's one hell of a movie son! Great work
so much arselick on this thread. I quit it in the 75% cause of shit frags and boring overall
You always called positivity asslicking though. :D What if these guys actually appreciated the effort and skill put into the video itself and can't possibly be bored by it? Also it's 2k4 and shit so obviously the frags won't be that good.
Who cares if the video didn't have "amazing frags, or bad aim" The editing and cam-trace blows anything any of you say out the window, the video is just amazing.

Can't wait for part 2.
Great camera work and syncing in there, was nice to see the old content too. :) Good job overall, even the simple transitions seemed to work very well throughout the video! Shorter videos are much better these days too, imo.
Took you so long to make that oldschool fragmovie that someone else has used the frags instead now gg.
I stopped with that in 2011 (just as well because I don't have the demos anymore anyway). I didn't think anyone else would try to make such a movie either because of the lack of in-eye action, so I never tried to send the demos to another moviemaker.
Thanks. I agree about short videos. Don't plan on any of these being particularly long.
really nice !
Liked it.
This is amazing.
An absolute joy to watch, loved those oldschool frags. It reminds me of how amazing this game was back in those years!
Can't wait for more movies like this one to come, great Job!
Lets see part 2 max! :)
Nice one, -Max-!
Awesome video, thank you for putting the effort in after all these years.
Well done
when is part 2 coming :)?
Hopefully in early 2015
How early?
Only have the in-game sounds to do now. I only get to work on it around one day a week now though, so progress has been slow as of late. Hopefully this month, but no guarantees.
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