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OLDSCHOOL: Quakecon 2005/2006 - GZA

Quakecon 2005/2006 LAN fragmovie.
player: gza
...From days when monitors were 4/3 CRT and constant 125fps was just a dream...
nice! enjoyed watching :)
People be like 'what is that delivery' :()

Fun vid! :))
I be like that too, didn't remember that version at all :d
sp delivery 2 or smth :D
dat muzzleflash
and you were the angel? :)
haha :P are u still playing smth? or just making movies and stuff?
"and stuff" mostly, not enough time to play something seriously... so its better to not play at all :D
Quoteso its better to not play at all :D

That makes it sound like you're a recovering addict :(
I get that. I don't have fun playing competition when I'm not atleast somewhat trying to be good at it.
wtf it's gza
crt's are better for gaming, also i doubt that the biggest lan event at the time had shitty computers.
"had shitty computers."

It's a byoc lan and PCs back then had 56 to 128 MB Graphics RAM, but okay...
actully the tournament PCs were from qcon, not byoc.
but that FPS and monitor note was meant more for that period of time not only qcon (however even the qcon pcs had problems achieving 125 at mp_radar).
I played with a CRT until like 2010 :P
Had to stop playing FPS games as soon as I switched to a 60hz LCD screen. Hurt my eyes and I couldn't hit shit.
oled sä nähny holz?

Võitmatu Tarmo. Mõned mehed lihtsalt ei kuulanud sõna, kui ema käskis arvuti kinni panna ja magama minna. "In your face, mum", võiks Tarvo Viira ehk öelda, sest kiire näpuga noormees ajab mängides täitsa ilusat raha kokku. Viimati toodi tiimiga USAst koju 15 000 dollarit

holz' cover on digi magazine 2006 :)

rough translation: Unbeatable Tarmo. Some men just didn't care when their mom said them to close their PC and go to sleep. "In your face, mom", Tarmo Viira might say, because the young man with quick trigger finger hoards up some great money from online gaming. Lastly they brought home 15 000 $ from USA.

So pretty much a report from QC 2005/06, can't access full article anymore, sorry guys.
best :)
nice video. :) vs united5 4 mapper, great game to watch! should've used the shoutcasts that were available too, there are a few from qcon 2005 on gamestv :{

good job nonetheless!
good old times., nice to see that some oldschool player are still around!
I still have it on my hdd... or was it your another movie, u96dgzafragmovie or smth?:D

anyway i remember back in a days, when i was at the beggining of my ET journey, your movies was one of my personal favourites ;)
the legend himself
good oldschoole movie with user cfg pure ET without fucking editing effects
awesome oldschool shit
We are waiting for more volumes
I know. They're coming in 2015 :-)
nice m8!
good old times :)
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so oldschool it hurts!
This frag movie really rolls back the clock! Some fantastic footage from Quakecon '05 and '06. Overall has a great, fast flow with a slightly more oldschool movie config but great quality none the less at 1080p (watched it on my HD TV!). Great transitions and Quakecon branded overlay (with some nice simple animation transitions).

Could have benefited from some more LAN footage (intro/outro LAN footage was nice), shout casts and recorded atmosphere from the event but fantastic effort from a great player.