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[W:ET] w1lko FragMovie ,,The Flash of Glory"

w1lko is the biggest aimbot in The Polish community. I would like to present you his the best performances, skill shoots, headshots and other amazing and very cool things. This is probably his last fragmovie, but maybe i will create something else. Who knows ? :D
Here is my YouTube channel ->
If you want to know something about this performance just let me know in pm box.
is it 720p or 144p i can't see difference -_-
That was my attempt before something big. I know now how can i fucked up with quality and how i can fix it. If you want to watch this in a little bit better quality i would like to upload it in 1280x720 on maybe something similar to this page --> ,,"
too much editing :<
I will fix it in another fragmovie. I now, i was trying to get new quality of my productions, but i didn't know, that it can be so ugly quality like now. I've done my best. Also i haven't this project so i can't even replace this shity quality on another. I'm so sorry, but thank you for your comment. It's very helpfull.
Far way to much editing.
fragmovie adekwatne do Twojego skilla w1lko
whats wrong with all those pop ups? ;o
I was trying to make something different than others fragmovie. I fu**ed up with quality, so it doesnt make any sense now :D
gl in next movies ;)
Why i can't download the fragmovie?
I will fix it nowadays
THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS COMMENTS. I WILL DO MY BEST LIKE 1000% OF MYSELF IN ANOTHER FRAGMOVIE, WHICH IS COMING IN THIS YEAR, so i hope you wanna enjoy to something diffrent and better than this performance. Cheer ;)
this movie is as close to instant seizure as it gets I suppose :D
but despite that.. or maybe because of it? I quite enjoyed it! first movie in ages I actually watched till the end.
tho few hitsounds sounded out of sync and the smoke on sten made those frags basically invisible through all the smoke :D
but very nice frags, nice colors even, liked them, overedited, yes, usually don't like overedited movies, but in this one, you kept it all fast paced, and showed the kills with hitsounds. very nice movie. if you can, upload it to or somewhere for better quality, would gladly download :)
Thank you so much for this comment, i'm going to do this today(i mean upload :D). I was trying to do something new(if you watch it and didnt blind of this "glow" guality,now i'm thinking that this is miracle :D) I didnt suppose, that someone will watch it till the end :) It's nice to see a good side of making this movie. Thank you again i will fix those all the problems in the next performence.
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